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I remember counting down the days until Parents’ Weekend. I was beyond excited for my mom to come see me and explore my collegiate life. One thing on my mind was that she was coming for four days, Friday through Monday, and I wasn’t exactly sure how to fill the time.

A little background about me: I was raised as an only child by my single mother. Since birth, my mom and I have been tied at the hip Gilmore Girls-style. While we may not have the same exact personalities as Lorelai and Rory, we have that corresponding bond that makes any time spent together worthwhile. So, you can imagine how thrilled I was that my mother was visiting! She went all out and bought us tickets for the Flying High Circus, the Virginia Tech game (#StillUndefeated), and the other events FSU hosted for the weekend. For Friday and Saturday, I would say we checked all the boxes off the classic Parents’ Weekend to-do list.

Sunday rolled around, and my mom and I got to planning a jam-packed free day. Here’s what made it on the agenda. Spoiler alert: this day ended up being both of our favorites.

The Frother’s Daughter and Pumpkin Patch

Going back to Gilmore Girls for just one more moment, my mom and I are both coffee fanatics. She and I simply can’t get enough, so we knew we had to go to a fun and local café. We stumbled across The Frother’s Daughter online due to an astounding number of recommendations from Facebook. It is safe to say we were not disappointed. With a spooky menu of fall-flavored cold brews and espresso beverages, we were in awe. 

We went on Sunday afternoon to Faith Presbyterian Church, where we collected our coffees and took pictures around their pumpkin patch. The chilly weather was the cherry on top of the whole experience and gave us both the first taste of autumn we had been craving.

A note to FSU students: Faith Presbyterian Church does fall-themed movie nights at the pumpkin patch every Friday. How cute is that! Gather a couple of friends, some cozy fall drinks, and some blankets, and call it a night.

The Railroad Square District Shopping

A distinct gem of the Tallahassee area is the Railroad Square district. Home to a vast array of thrift shops, snack stands, and antique stores, this funky area is something I thoroughly enjoyed. My mom and I spent time browsing the stores and pointing out some uniquely comical outfits to one another. It was a fantastic way to pass the time.

The Other Side Vintage was our favorite store by far. It had two large rooms of clothing and furniture that would take all day to sort through completely. We especially loved the store’s antique band shirt section that had throwbacks to some of my mom’s favorite ‘70s and ‘80s rock artists.

Sugar Rush Milkshake Bar

There is a point in every girl’s day when she is craving a little treat. For my mom and I, that happened to be a milkshake. We stopped by Sugar Rush Milkshake Bar to split one of their iconic shakes that are heavily decorated with extra sweets on top and around the cup. We made our own shake with the banana-pudding-flavored ice cream and Nutella topping. It hit the spot. The little hole-in-the-wall ice cream parlor was adorable on the inside with bright pink painted walls. We loved our little treat.

The best part of our weekend was this day where we could design the perfect mother-daughter day with no Family Weekend event obligations. It is totally worth staying that extra night to maximize time with your loved ones. I could not recommend planning a free day on your next Parents’ Weekend enough!

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Maggie Metz is a Staff Writer in the Florida State chapter. She is a freshman who is majoring in Advertising and minoring in Sociology with an interest in working with an advertising agency in her future. She enjoys a hot latte, social media, nature walks, yoga, and Legos.