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The new phase of the lunar cycle marks an ideal period for setting new goals and making progress towards positive transformation. The energy of the new moon offers chances for fresh starts and new beginnings. It grants the opportunity to break free of old habits from past lunar cycles that no longer serve your best interests and desires. By embracing the power of the new moon, you create your own rules and grow beautifully into who you want to be. 

The two and a half days the moon is in its new phase are the perfect time to manifest new, amazing things into your life that will raise your vibrations and help you become the best version of yourself. A manifestation is a powerful tool in creating your dream self and reality. Yes, it works. Manifesting during the new moon phase strengthens the legitimacy of your manifestations and solidifies them in your present reality quicker and easier. Whatever you may desire to manifest, the moon is here to help!

There are many different methods of practicing new moon manifestation. In this article, I am going to take you through my own new moon manifestation ritual. Although I do try my best to learn from the more credible, experienced sources I can find, I am by no means a professional on this topic; so, please take my advice with a grain of salt. Nonetheless, my process has genuinely worked for me many times. My abundance is ever-expanding and yours can too. 

What you’ll need to manifest: a piece of paper, pen or permanent marker, incense and a candle—that’s it! To start manifesting, it’s important to wait until the moon is visible in the night sky again. At the peak of the new phase, the moon can’t be seen. The timing has a significant effect on the viability of your manifestations. If you manifest when the moon isn’t visible, your manifestations have nothing to cling to, nothing to support and carry them. So, when you can see that little sliver of the crescent moon, you’re good to go. 

First, cleanse your candle with the incense smoke. Hold the candle in the smoke and say, “I cleanse this candle of all pre-existing, negative energies and intentions.” After the candle is cleansed, you fill the candle with your intentions. You can say, “Within this candle, I set the intentions…” and fill in the rest. To skip the cleansing step, you can buy a pre-made, pre-cleansed new moon candle from a spiritual store; this is what I use. Now that your candle is ready, write all your manifestations down on your paper. 

You don’t want to write with something that can be erased; you want your manifestations to have permanence. Avoid using phrases such as “I want,” “I need” and “I will be.” The trick to manifesting effectively is writing them as something that is already a part of your present reality. It’s best to use phrases like “I have” and “I am.” The most important detail is the details—get as specific and clear as possible, using as much detail as you can think of. Then, fold the paper towards you three times and place it under the candle. Set the candle and paper where they can get a direct connection to the moon, such as a windowsill, balcony or backyard, and light the candle for about as long as you safely can. 

At the end of the new moon phase, relight the candle and use the flame to burn your paper. Please don’t do this if it’s not practical or safe in your situation! You can simply let the paper go, physically and/or metaphorically. While the paper burns say, “I visualize my goals manifesting. I am grateful for the energy of the new moon. I welcome greatness into my life.” This is the best way to release your manifestations, so you have no chance to doubt them or think of them as something that is not in your life yet. And you’re done! Move forward into the new lunar cycle feeling abundant, powerful and grateful that your manifestations are your reality.

If your manifestations are optimistic, clear, focused and as specific as possible – you’ve got this! If your intentions are pure and transformative – you’ve got this even more! The power is in trusting yourself, the Universe and the moon. You must truly, deeply feel that your manifestations are a part of your present reality (even if they aren’t, yet). And remember that it’s completely okay if none, one or only some of your manifestations come to fruition. Repetition is the key to engraving your desires into your reality. It took me many tries to figure it out myself! Be patient as I promise once you experience your manifestations in real life, it’s an insurmountably joyful feeling you’ll never want to forget. As Introduction to Tarot author Susan Levitt said, “The new moon is like a seed planted in the earth, ready to grow, full of potential and energy for the journey. A new concept has taken hold.”

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