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What Being a “Survivor” Person vs. an “Amazing Race” Person Says About You

Both Survivor and The Amazing Race have been among America’s favorite shows for decades, creating quite a fanbase and appreciation for competition in the outdoors and around the world. The Amazing Race has been around since 2001, and they just finished filming their 33rd season. Survivor is just a year older, starting in 2000 and completing 41 seasons thus far. 

Both shows are all about the action and survival that we as a human race have decided is incredibly entertaining. They also both have the social aspect that I tend to get very wrapped up in. Anyway, as a stan for both, I have learned that there are two kinds of people in this world—Amazing Race people and Survivor people. And I also think it is consistent with whether you are a Type A or Type B person. 

Let’s talk about Survivor people. You guys are ruthless. There is a type of aggression that comes with Survivor that not many people can say they have. To be going through challenges and helping yourself or your team at a competitive level with nothing more than a cup of rice in your stomach is no easy task. The people that play and watch Survivor also have an incredibly strong sense of passion in them. They are courageous and confident but sometimes selfish if it means winning. Survivor fans are easily Type A people. 

Now let’s talk about The Amazing Race connoisseurs. So, if you find Amazing Race to just be even the slightest bit more entertaining, I can tell you that you are without a doubt a Type B person. Now don’t get me wrong, The Amazing Race is just as fast-paced and competitive as Survivor; but at the same time, it is a bit more laid back. The Amazing Race is not everyone’s favorite, but it’s yours, and that is okay. 

In Survivor, there is only one winner, whereas here, both you and your partner are the winners. The entire game is played in companionship with your partner, meaning their goal is to not try to blindside you. If Amazing Race is your favorite, you also likely care for structure and rules. I would say it’s a much friendlier game. 

There was once a time, if you could not tell by the photo of my Amazing Race-themed birthday party, that I was indeed team Amazing Race. However, I would like to follow that up with the fact that I had not yet known Survivor existed when I had that party. Also, to be fair, sticking a bunch of 10-year-olds in a mock Survivor seems a bit cruel. Anyway, what I am trying to say is that after many years of watching and loving both shows, I can easily say that Survivor is hands down the winner. 

If you haven’t seen either of these shows, you are definitely missing out. They are both incredibly entertaining and so much fun to keep up with as a family, with friends or roommates. However, if you have no interest in watching either, you can just take this test to discover which type you are instead.

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