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How to Curate Your Dream Wardrobe

Collecting pieces that fit your personal style can seem challenging and overwhelming at first, but it does not have to be. Here are a few steps to curate your dream wardrobe!  

1. assess your closet

The best way to understand what you like to wear is by picking out a few items from your closet that reflect your personal style. Pick three to six items that you wear a lot and that speak to you. At the same time, recognize what items you don’t wear that often. Some items that I wear frequently include my Levi’s 501 Original Jeans, my black mini skirt and my platform Dr. Martens. Now I can start accumulating more items that go with these pieces. This way, I will be more inclined to wear these newer pieces because they complement items I already wear. On the other hand, my puffer jacket and red wrap up top are some pieces that I don’t wear often. Now that I’ve identified clothing that I rarely wear, I can make sure to stay away from similar pieces while shopping.

2. finding inspiration

A great way to expand your style is by looking at other outfits and clothing items that you admire. Some places that I would recommend looking for fashion inspiration include runways, fashion collections and Pinterest. This is an excellent way to recognize what silhouettes and color combinations interest you. After awhile of using social media platforms, including Pinterest, your feed eventually generates fashion pieces that you enjoy. I also recommend looking at outfits from people whose style you appreciate. This helps you understand what new looks you would like to try out.

3. stay away from trends

Due to the rise in fashion TikTok and fashion influencers in general, the trend-cycle has rapidly accelerated. We are experiencing an increase in what are called “microtrends.” Microtrends are fashion trends that rise to popularity very quickly and fall out even faster. These microtrends are typically seen with singular items. An example would be if a specific dress blew up on TikTok, causing it to sell out, but then the same dress goes out of style a couple months later. Fashion trends may be a good way to take inspiration, but only if you are doing it in a way that fits your style.

4. have fun & take your time

Finding your personal style and curating a wardrobe does not happen overnight, so don’t be hard on yourself if it takes a while to collect your pieces. There have been countless times when I have wanted a specific item but did not have funds to buy it right away, so I would wait until I could do so. Fashion is supposed to be a creative outlet for individuals of all ages to enjoy and express themselves. It is a method to explore different aesthetics and experiment using various artistic styles. Don’t be afraid to venture outside of your comfort zone and try new looks. As stated best by one of my all-time fashion icons Rihanna, “You will never be stylish if you don’t take risks.”

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Hey! I'm Isly and I am a freshman majoring in English (Editing, Writing, & Media) at Florida State University. Some of my interests include searching for new music, analyzing films, planning out my outfits, or fantasizing about my dream life.
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