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Emma Chamberlain’s Journey From YouTuber to Met Gala Interviewer

Emma Chamberlain, now one of the biggest social media stars on the internet, initially introduced herself online by filming fun videos at school and in her bedroom, but this week she attended the Met Gala as a guest and an interviewer. Emma began her online career through her YouTube channel, where she filmed casual videos of herself throughout the day. She gained quick popularity by doing ordinary things, editing in funny ways and just by being herself. She gained a large following much quicker than most other content creators and is currently at almost 11 million subscribers to her YouTube channel. Personally, I think she gained such a quick following because of how genuine and down-to-earth she appeared to be in the videos she uploads.

During the time she initially started her YouTube channel, the most popular type of videos were highly edited and sponsored, and it seemed as though every content creator was making the same type of videos. These kinds of videos were repetitive, ingenuine and unrelatable to viewers, which made Emma’s refreshing channel stand out amongst the rest.

After establishing herself on YouTube, Emma furthered her career by expanding into passions she had on top of creating videos. In almost every single one of her videos, she is seen drinking or making iced coffee and she expresses her love for it and how essential it is in her daily routine. She also created several videos showing her viewers how she specifically makes her coffee and in December of 2019, she launched her own coffee company. Her company is called Chamberlain Coffee, and just like all of the content she had created before it launched, it gained popularity extremely fast and to this day is very high in demand. Emma has also launched her own line of merchandise as well as her podcast called Anything Goes. At only 20 years old, she has established a name for herself and has been able to turn her creative passions into businesses. Having all these credentials it is no mystery why she was one of the select few social media influencers invited to such a prestigious event.

Not only was she invited to the Met Gala as a guest, but she was also dressed by Louis Vuitton and partnered with Vogue to conduct interviews of many guests in attendance. She secured a brand deal with Louis Vuitton in 2019 and was even flown out for Paris Fashion Week. Emma was the first social media influencer to have a brand deal with Louis Vuitton, but I believe she truly deserved this as she has set a lot of the fashion trends in recent years through her Instagram posts. With time, she was able to gain several other brand deals that she maintains to this day, allowing her to express a wide array of interests.

She also partnered with Vogue to create a video recording the process of her candidly getting ready before the event. In this video, she showed her sparkling dress by Louis Vuitton and even revealed that the nails she wore were specifically tailored to her nail beds. Overall, it was interesting to see social media stars at the Met Gala for the first time, especially with a behind-the-scenes look. Seeing her start as a 16-year-old with a camera and a passion for videography and evolve to an interviewer for Vogue at the Met Gala is admirable. It truly goes to show how far hard work and passion can take you.

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Meagan is a student at Florida State University located in Tallahassee, Florida. She's a first-year staff writer for Her Campus and is majoring in Management Information Systems. In her spare time she enjoys reading, acai bowls, and finding new workouts!
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