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Halloween is coming up right around the corner, and that brings the stress of picking out a costume. It’s easy to head on over to your local Party City or Spirit Halloween and buy a pre-packaged costume set with all added accessories in one simple bag that you won’t ever wear after their one-time Halloween debut. But by doing this you are almost guaranteeing that about ten other people will be wearing the same costume and accessories as you, and what’s the fun in that? Here are a few simple ways to cultivate a Halloween costume right at home using mostly clothing articles you probably already have. 

The key to creating a DIY costume at home is by choosing characters, people or things that have distinct color trademarks that are easily recognizable and identifiable when seen. This way, if you own clothing articles of these colors, you can just throw them together and accessorize them to add your own touch to the costume. 

Most people have watched the Despicable Me movies before, and perhaps the most iconic aspect of the movies was the minions. The minions all wore blue jean overalls with simple black boots as shoes. In order to dress up as a minion for Halloween, all you would need is a simple pair of blue jean overalls, which can be any style, size and design, some sort of yellow shirt to go underneath and any style of black boots. The yellow shirt can be long sleeve, short sleeve, a tank top or even a sweater depending on the weather. Add some personality to the outfit with accessories, such as glasses, hats, jewelry and makeup to make it your own. 

Another classic character costume could be the entire cast of Scooby-Doo. Whether it’s Velma, Daphne or Shaggy, it’s sure to be a hit. Each character has their own signature outfit colors—Velma wears orange and red, Daphne wears purple and pink and Shaggy wears green and red. Choose a character or be the entire cast with your friends. You can add fun details with a wig, glasses or even a headband. 

Witches are a staple symbol of Halloween, but there are many ways to go about being a witch for Halloween other than the traditional witch costume. The only specific item you may have to buy from a Halloween store is the hat, but other than that, at-home pieces and accessories will be all that’s needed to formulate this DIY witch costume. First, choose a color scheme for your costume, such as black, purple, blue and more. Then, find items in your closet that fit this color scheme that are layer-able. If you have an older oversized shirt and tights that you are willing to alter for the costume, get a pair of scissors, then cut a few holes in the shirt and make the neckline wide enough to go over a plain tank top. Then use the scissors to create several rips in the tights, which will gradually become more dramatic over time. Then layer these distressed pieces you’ve chosen and add your hat. Add bold eye makeup and lipstick and smudge it to create a spooky look. 

The spookiest, most festive day of the year is approaching. Don’t waste time standing in long lines at Halloween stores to buy costumes that everyone else will be wearing, but instead use clothing and accessories you already have at home for a quick, easy, fun DIY Halloween costume. 

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I am a freshman at Florida State University, studying political science and English.
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