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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

The Sweet Shop building, originally constructed in 1921, is a historical monument and an integral part of the culture here at Florida State University. The Sweet Shop, which opened in 1924, is a homey-looking café that sits across from Florida State University’s south entrance. Before its establishment, the café was known as The Wisteria Tea Room, which did not last for long. The building was inherited by the Frain family not long after The Wisteria Tea Room opened, who ultimately rebranded it into The Sweet Shop that FSU knows and loves today.

I believe that The Sweet Shop is such a beautiful part of the Florida State community because it is a living piece of history. Up until 1947, when Florida State became a co-ed university, The Sweet Shop predominately served the women who attended the Florida State College for Women, making it older than even some of the most historical buildings on FSU’s campus today. While The Sweet Shop is not quite as old as Westcott, it has been around longer than other historical buildings like Dodd and Landis halls!

Nearly one hundred years later, The Sweet Shop continues to be a place for Florida State students to congregate, study, enjoy delicious snacks and (most notably in my opinion) express themselves. The walls of The Sweet Shop are covered in the writing of Florida State students, past and present, who decided to leave their autographs, thoughts and feelings behind. Not only does this reaffirm my belief that The Sweet Shop is a piece of living history, but it is also a literal illustration of the community it has been able to cultivate for Florida State students.

I can attest to this first-hand! Two weeks into my freshman year at Florida State, I had already been to The Sweet Shop three times! My new friends and I would go there to socialize. It was always the perfect place for a solo study session (especially because I lived right across the street in Landis)! Now, more than a year later, I am fully settled into Florida State and continue to stop by The Sweet Shop AT LEAST once a week. While it might be a matter of habit at this point, it never disappoints. I always leave feeling as pleasant and productive as ever.

Now, with this newfound plethora of knowledge about The Sweet Shop, you have no other option but to stop by and see for yourself. And, as a Sweet Shop veteran, I have a couple of recommendations I urge you to consider trying.

My go-to is always a chicken ranch wrap with a “Bee’s Knees Latte” because you can never go wrong with ranch and honey. Not a fan of honey? I have more favorites! As far as coffee is concerned, the “Silver Fox” and “Seminole” lattes are also delicious, as they have the perfect balance of sweetness and caffeine. For food, I also have several recommendations. When I am looking for something lighter than a wrap, I almost always go for a bagel melt. When I am attempting to stick to my monthly budget, the grilled cheese is great!

Nonetheless, when it comes down to it, all items The Sweet Shop serves are bound to be delicious. So, you are guaranteed to find something you like. All you must do is plan an outing with friends (or a solo study session), take in the Sweet Shop’s sweet history and enjoy a delicious snack!

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My name is Alexis Dorman and I am a second-year, honors student at Florida State University. I am pursuing a dual degree in International Affairs and Political Science, with minors in Chinese and Education. For the past 8 years, I've spent my time volunteering, participating in a variety of clubs and extracurricular activities, and making the most of my educational career. I am passionate about international affairs, political science, current events, and diplomacy. Aside from my academic interests I enjoy writing, art, music, and movies!