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Parents hope that when they drop their children off at college, they will not need to worry about their kid(s) misbehaving. After all, they’re considered adults now and have been alive for at least 18 years. They should know better. They should, but some don’t.

Parents assume that their angel’s new sense of freedom will not overstimulate their sense of entitlement and cause disadvantages to the community. However, I have been living in Tallahassee for around two months, and I have witnessed countless acts fueled by immaturity, crudeness and inconsideration. No wonder the city is nicknamed “Talla-nasty.” There is an evident behavioral epidemic that causes students to drop their moral compasses when it comes to the environment, regulations and their peers. The scholars I am referring to need to refresh their memory and review this.

In regards to the environment, both natural and man-made, students need to stop littering. It seems that students don’t discriminate when it comes to where they abandon their trash. Some favorite examples I’ve seen in apartment hallways range from chicken bones to orange peels to empty Chick-fil-A cups. Another noteworthy sight is the occasional mountain of stuffed garbage bags dumped in trash rooms even though the chute is empty. To be frank, it is disgusting and shameful that my peers are too lazy and disrespectful to ditch their waste in an appropriate place. They disregard that they are in a shared environment and others have to step over their mess. Not only is this inconsiderate towards those who live there, but the uncleanliness is also a major hassle for custodians and a giant magnet for pests. If these litterbugs can find their way home after a wild night out, they can find a garbage bin to dispose of their trash.

Students also take advantage of unmonitored parking situations. For instance, in on-campus parking garages and apartment garages, handicap parking spots are often occupied by trucks and cars that fail to display a placard. Frequently noticing these bare rearview mirrors is infuriating. Not only does inappropriately parking in these designated spots deserve a fine, but this behavior is also detrimental to those who need these spots. Consider those who have visible and invisible physical ailments. Someone who has lost a limb or suffers from a degenerative disease may be looking for parking.

From now on, I advise getting to a parking area 20 minutes early, or parking somewhere that’s 20 extra steps. It’s not that hard to acknowledge the needs of others. Before you unlawfully and immorally park, think: would I do this in my hometown? What would my grandparents think of my behavior? Would I take a needed parking spot away from them?

Obnoxious amounts of noise is another inconsiderate act worth critiquing. Yes, house parties are a core characteristic of college life. However, other people live next door, below and above. Residents are attempting to study for exams worth 30-percent of their final grade in the comfort of their own homes. Others are trying to watch their favorite movie after a difficult week. Other people are trying their best to ignore your mediocre music that plays for countless hours into the night. It is unfair that those who wish to start their Saturdays early and rested have to shelter their ears with multiple pillows. Filing noise complaints is an option, but those only go so far sometimes. Some avid partiers split the fine and revel in their rowdiness.

Speaking for the quiet, subdued neighbors who wish that your speakers would short-circuit, please go party at a club instead. Unless you wish to wallpaper your pulsating walls with noise complaints and go broke for your annoying habits, get out or go to sleep. It seems like you need it.

College is a period in one’s life to have complete and utter fun. However, that does not excuse acts that lack self-control, respect and consideration of one’s surroundings, community and peers.

Be more considerate.

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Left-handed writer from South Florida on her way to becoming a fiction novelist. Her favorite works include adventure, magic, and unique twists.
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