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10 Gifts to Give This Holiday Season as a Broke College Kid

The holidays are creeping up and with Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, there’s no doubt your bank account might be empty a couple of times. So, sticking true to tradition, broke college kid to broke college kid, here are 10 cheap and easy gifts you can give this holiday season that will keep your friends and your wallets happy.


As you know, I am a sucker for a good deal, so of course Black Friday had to be No.1 on the list. Shopping on Black Friday eliminates having to go to the store and the stress of not having a gift in time. I mean, who wouldn’t want to buy things from the comfort of their own home?


Make a list of your favorite recipes that you think your friends will enjoy and turn it into a book! Whether they are baking recipes or even vegan recipes, giving someone you care about a recipe book that is specifically tailored to them will warm their heart and not break the bank.


You can make a gift basket out of items that are readily available or with items that are relatively cheap from stores, depending on your budget, of course. Each gift basket can be tailored to a specific friend. If you have a foodie friend, make a basket out of food items you know they will enjoy. Similarly, for a friend that enjoys being outdoors, adding things that they can use outside would be a perfect gesture.


Although it might sound a little difficult, trust me, it is not. I did this a couple of years back and loved the way it turned out. You can go to craft stores and pick up some clear ornaments and decorate them how you want, or you can even print and cut out photos from online that you would want to use. Whatever method you choose, this is a sure way to make your friends and family happy.


I wasn’t aware of this DIY until now, but it is such a cute and simple idea I had to include it. All you need for this is a mason jar, a tiny fake Christmas tree, or whatever you want to put inside, hot glue, and some fake snow and you are good to go. Glue the Christmas tree to the lid of the mason jar, add some fake snow, close the jar and decorate with ribbons or bows.


This one is always a winner. I used to make these as a kid, and they would smell delicious. All you need is a mason jar, sugar and whatever scent you want. My family used to make a lemon scrub so we would do one-part sugar, one-part lemon juice and mix thoroughly. Another great idea is using coconut oil if you want more of a tropical scent. If the budget allows you can also pick up some scented dish soap and mix it with sugar to make the scrub.


You can’t exactly gift your friends with therapy, but with an adult coloring book, they can relieve some stress while being entertained. These coloring books are five dollars and can be found on Amazon or in some stores. They are a sure way to keep your friends and your wallet happy.


Make a bucket list that you and your bestie can do together. Compile a list of cheap things you can do together and give this to your favorite adventure seeker. Of course, the items on the list will be based on your budget, but the list itself is something easy that can be done at any time. You can print one out or even write it out yourself, either way, this is a gift your friend will enjoy.


Create the ultimate movie list that you know your friend will love. If you have a friend that enjoys scary movies, making a list of all the scary movies you think they will enjoy so they can binge is an excellent way of saving the bank while being thoughtful.


I tackled this one myself and was very scared at first but it turned out to be surprisingly easy. Search up some YouTube tutorials or go on platforms such as TikTok or Pinterest to look up easy ways to hand knit a blanket. All you’ll need is the material for the blanket and your hands!

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