Perfect Playlists for Every Finals Week Mood

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if you haven’t checked your calendar recently, finals week is upon us. This is certainly one of the craziest weeks of the semester because we have the capability to experience so many emotions at the same time. We’re happy to be going home, and we’re motivated to finish strong in our classes, yet at the same time, we’re extremely stressed out and would much rather take a week-long nap than take another dreaded math test. Even though it’s so tempting to check out and not care about your classes, this week is your last opportunity to solidify those good grades.

To get you through the week, here are some playlists that perfectly match every finals week mood. No matter what happens next week, at least music will always be there for you.

Playlists for when you’re feeling…


Your Favorite Coffeehouse- Spotify

Pure Chill- Apple Music

Acoustic Hits- Apple Music

Instrumental Pop- I Heart Radio


Tearjerkers- Apple Music R&B

Life Sucks- Spotify


Nightcap- Apple Music Alternative

White Noise- Spotify

Nightstorms- Spotify

Zen Garden- I Heart Radio


Country Caffeine- Apple Music

Wake Me Up!- Apple Music Pop

Confidence Boost- Spotify


EDM Hits- Apple Music Dance

Sad, Bitter, and Angry- Apple Music Hard Rock

Down In the Dumps- Spotify

In the Holiday Spirit

Christmas Jazz in the Coffee Shop- Spotify

Christmas Pop- Spotify

Essential Christmas- Apple Music Holiday

North Pole Radio- I Heart Radio


Poolside Chill- Apple Music

Wake Up Happy- Spotify

Have A Great Day- Spotify

Beach Vibes- I Heart Radio


Study Beats- Apple Music

The Lounge- Apple Music Electronic

Chill Lofi Study Beats- Spotify

Office Hours- I Heart Radio

All gifs courtesy of Giphy.