Paris Hilton Making a Music Come Back

Paris Hilton is low-key one of my favorite reality TV stars from the early 2000s and, honestly, one of my favorite celebrities out there. Paris is most well known in pop culture for being a reality TV icon and, of course, the string of scandals she’s played a role in. However, recently Paris Hilton has been climbing to success for her entrepreneurial pursuits and her career as a DJ. Paris currently has 18 different product lines sold in over 50 countries, has developed more than 20 different fragrances, owns her own hotel, and is the highest paid female DJ in the world.

Despite having her fingers in so many pies, she has decided to stick one in another, a pie that Paris hasn’t really come back to in over ten years, and that is making solo music. Her first album, Paris, was released in 2006 and peaked on the Billboard 200 chart at number six, selling over 600,000 copies worldwide. The first single from the album, “Stars Are Blind,” was played on more than 125 pop music stations across the U.S. and reached the top ten in the charts of 17 countries.

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For almost a decade Paris appeared to be taking a break from music outside of her DJ career. Then in 2014 she released two new singles from a rumored upcoming album: “Good Time,” featuring Lil Wayne and “Come Alive.” “Good Time” debuted at number 18 on Billboard Dance/Electronic Songs chart. In 2015, Paris released another song from the second album, “High Off My Love,” which peaked at number three on the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart.

Now, after a long three years, Paris Hilton has once again released another brand new single, and this one is nothing like any of her music you have heard before. Last week on Valentine’s Day Paris released her single “I Need You” across iTunes, Spotify and YouTube.

Courtesy: Paris Hilton

This new bop is completely different from the previous club music she had been making and from the Britney Spears-esque pop music of Paris’s first album. Instead, “I Need You” is a slow doo-wop ballad released from her own label, Heiress Records. Paris herself has described the single as being a love letter to her fiancée Chris Zylka.

The song was originally written and recorded by Paris with help from the producer Michael Greene years ago and a demo of the song has been hanging around on YouTube since 2010, but according to an interview Paris Hilton gave to Billboard Magazine, the song is much more reflective of where she is currently. When she first made the song, she wasn’t in a relationship where she felt as strongly as she does now and, as Paris says in the interview, “The words are perfect for how I feel: safe and in love and crazy about my baby.”

With the release of her new single Paris has made it known that the rumors of her releasing another studio album are only rumors and will instead most likely be releasing a series of singles as she balances the launch of her skincare line, her twenty-sixth fragrance and planning for a summer wedding.

“I Need You” is now available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music and the music video is available to watch on YouTube.