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Out With the Old, and in With the Food

Out with the old and in with the new is the motto for Sodexo. If you don’t know what or who Sodexo is, look at your surroundings. Sodexo is the new food company that has been taking over Florida State Dining. Yes, that new dining hall under the dorms that you wish they had built when you were a freshman has a backstory and that backstory includes $173 million dollar deal that is popping up all over campus through different food venues (and even closing some down).

Suwanee is a touchy subject for people. You either love it or hate it. The socialization was amazing and you felt at home as a freshman and even returned later years. However, the Suwanee we have a love-hate relationship is undergoing a transformation more extreme than Instagram models before and after posts.

Sodexo is an honest company, who wants nothing but the best for us and that’s exactly what they plan on doing. As of now, until July 2018, Suwannee dining hall will be closed for renovations. There are many changes coming to the dining hall but don’t worry the gothic architecture and Harry-Potteresque scenery is here to stay. However, the food is not, and trust me this is a good thing. You can see what exactly to expect in the picture below.

According to Seminole Dining’s website, we can expect fresh as ever, highlighting the importance of using ingredients fresh from our very own state, Florida! There will also be a full-service bakery, expanded salad bar, and new and improved private dining room. That’s not all. Sodexo cares about our health and safety and even included an exclusive MyZone area, which is free from nuts and gluten. Suwannee sounds so good I might have to trek my way up that incredibly steep hill to test it out myself.

With the dining hall closing, you can be wondering where to eat, especially if you are locked in with a meal plan you bought in fall. Thankfully, Seminole dining has us covered. They introduced Suwanee at the Oglesby Union where you can now use your meal swipe at one of the wonderful dining experiences that we all know and love. Not only this but The Community Table now features a condensed menu that has items you can select for a meal swipe. (I recommended the black bean plantain burger). Not only that but the new food trucks that you see around campus also offer a variation of your favorite foods for a Suwanee swipe.

There’s nothing but fine dining coming to Florida State so I urge you to persevere because the wait will surely be worth it.

 Courtesy: FSU News

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