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Oprah Could Be President in 2020 (Even Though She’s Already President in My Heart)

Rumors about Oprah running for president in 2020 aren’t anything new. Even though she has denied any intention of running since it’s been brought up, people continue to ask her–probably in the hopes that the United States will have a light at the end of this dark, dark tunnel we’re currently in.

Courtesy: Oprah.com

In an interview with People for her upcoming movie A Wrinkle in Time, Oprah discussed that after her (life-changing, totally inspiring, and ugly-crying inducing) Golden Globes speech, she wasn’t aware that her words would only encourage those rooting for her to run. She shares her thoughts on her less than likely running for president in the coming election. She explains that it isn’t just the media and her fans that are insisting for her to campaign, but that there were (unnamed) billionaires that she knew who came around and were offering up cash to endorse her campaign in 2020. With this many people passionately advocating for her to run, it made her question whether or not she should be thinking about the suggestions seriously. Oprah also mentions that her best friend, Gale, has chimed in on the potential presidential conversation and says that she’s on the same page as Oprah. Both of them know that a presidency isn’t the right move for O, even if everyone else would love her to be our first female president. The woman has a million things going on between her TV channels, magazines, book clubs and literally everything else one could possibly do, but I can’t help but hope that maybe, just maybe, she realizes that she would be absolutely perfect for the job. Obviously, there are more qualified politicians who could do the job, but America has proved that political experience isn’t really necessary to be president of the United States of America. So, I feel that if Oprah changed her mind, we’d be ready to hand over the White House keys and watch “Super Soul Sunday” be hosted in the Oval Office.

But as we now know, the only thing that could push Oprah to take the presidential route is completely out of our hands. She says the only thing that could get her to run come the next election is . . . [drumroll] . . . GOD! You heard it right folks, the only way we can get Oprah to run for president (and mean it when we say “nothing but respect for my president”) is if God tells her it’s the path she needs to take. Oprah explains that through prayer she sought answers, telling People about how she really meditated on the question in her prayers, she says, “God, if you think I’m supposed to run, you gotta tell me, and it has to be so clear that not even I can miss it. And I haven’t gotten that.” I respect her decision to refrain from running but hope in my heart that one day we’ll see a woman just as capable and brilliant as Oprah in our White House. (Or just Oprah herself!)

Courtesy: Panoramahispanonews.com

Nicole Knight is a Junior at Florida State University. She's majoring in Editing, Writing and Media with a minor in Communications. 
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