An Open Letter to the Dropping Temperatures in Florida

Courtesy: Country Living

Hey. How are you, cold weather? Are you enjoying watching us Floridians dust off our Uggs, beanies and “real” jackets? The ones that we thought were just for cute, Instagram-able 60 to 70-degree weather, now being used to actually keep us warm. In true Florida fashion, we are reporting live from our snap stories and it’s 23 degrees. It’s not normal for there to be so many beanies on a campus that was once filled with short shorts and tanks. This is not where other people vacation. Let’s not forget to mention the cold rain. My fellow Floridians cannot handle this weather. We don’t even have the correct attire for these temperatures. I am very confused as to how there can be below freezing temperatures in this “sunshine state.”

Courtesy: Tallahassee Democrat

We are fully aware that we LOVE it when it’s the fun Florida cold, the one where it’s cold in the morning but by noon we are sweating in our layers of clothing. That’s the kind of cold we’re good with. This whole being cold all day is not acceptable.

I am reporting from Tallahassee, where I have gotten excited about the sun coming up and the temperature reaching above 40, as seen on Snapchat. But freeze warnings in Orlando, icicles on orange trees and palm trees? Don’t you think that’s a bit excessive? My lovely Florida, you are not made for these conditions. This has gotten out of hand.


Miami is even feeling the cold shoulder. Iguanas are freezing and falling from trees. When does it end?

After the holiday season, we are over the cold. We are getting ready for spring break, not another freeze warning. We love the whole idea of a white Christmas and hot chocolates on cold mornings, but it’s almost February.

Every other year, by the time January was half-way over, temperatures were in the 80s in the majority of Florida. What’s the deal with this year?

Snow has actually fallen in Tallahassee after 28 years, and we were good with that when it was winter break. I was in Miami during that time, and I loved the Snapchats and Facebook videos. It was super cool, but it was January 3. Now we're pushing February, which is normally already bathing suit season.

In conclusion, this weather is nice and all, but it is meant for places that can handle it. If I wanted to freeze, I would book a flight to New York, Boston, Seattle, maybe Colorado; the list goes on and on. A place where coldness is accepted and embraced, where there are warm blankets and chestnuts roasting on an open fire, and where we’re okay wearing layers and layers and layers. Just not in Florida, please.

Thank you,

A very cold Floridian