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That One Time I Responded to a Sugar Daddy on Instagram

I grew up in a home where love was never in short supply. I had two parents who were and still are head over heels in love with each other, two sisters that I cherish and my dog, that quite frankly, I adore more than most of them but that’s a story for another time. 

As I grew older, dad would always tell me that when it came time for me to find my significant other he hoped that I would find qualities in them that reminded me of him and the love he has for his daughters, but especially of the love he has for my mom. Touching, I know. 

So, I’ve come to realize that I do look for some of those qualities. For example, tall, smart, hardworking, ambitious, patient, understanding and caring. 

And yet I have NEVER…


Ever…wanted to find someone that also happens to be my dad’s age.

Hey, no disrespect if you think otherwise, like pop off hunny! However, for my personal preference in men, I like them a little closer in age or, you know, generation. 

This brings me to now: the day and age of online dating. I’ve had my experiences, believe me. But my latest encounter has earned a high and mighty place on my list of questionable moments and life choices. 

I have my Instagram direct messages filtered so users who are not actively following me must request to message me. I cannot even begin to describe what my face looked like when I opened my messages to find one that reads, ‘Hey baby. Sugar Daddy is here to spoil you with money.’

I was so disgusted yet intrigued at the same time that I did the only thing that made sense in my mind at that very moment. 

I replied.

And I guess my one-liner greeting was really sexy and riveting because he then proceeded to say something like, ‘Hey baby, you ready to be my sugar baby so I can spoil you with money?’

Wow. He certainly has a way with words. 

When I tell you, I was rolling on the ground, I am not lying to you in the slightest. 

The conversation then became me basically interrogating him to know more about him. He’s a 51-year-old man, he lives in Denver, Colorado, and he really wanted to send my money in exchange for attention and emotional validation. Maybe not expressed in those terms, but you get the idea.

After a bit, he began pressing me to send him my bank information so he could wire transfer me my daily allowance of $400 for ‘being such a good baby.’

Had I known that asking a man his age and hometown were so rewarding maybe I would have responded to other messages of the same implications sooner. 

I’m totally kidding, this is the weirdest thing I’ve ever been a part of.

When I declined to send my info, he then asked me to create a new bank account online so he could send me money from an offshore account. 

Now, this man is clearly not the brightest bulb because he has no idea who he is dealing with up to this point. So, me being the movie buff that I am, understand that offshore account with a crap ton of money is never the answer. Have y’all seen The Other Woman?

Well spoiler, her husband had an offshore bank account in the Bahamas with what was essentially stolen money made from fraudulent and illegal business and trade. So, no sir, I have no interest in your wire transfers from suspicious offshore bank accounts. 

I cut ties with this man after what could very well be the best 20 minutes of his life. I didn’t accept any kind of money, so no need to worry.

However, I did gain perspective and insight as to why these people exist and the method of their madness. 

People like my experimental Sugar Daddy are involved in what is referred to as cryptocurrency. This is a virtual system that acts as a means for financial transactions. Sugar Daddies message girls offering money in order to obtain information to encrypt the transactions made. I honestly don’t know much about it because it seems very confusing, but all you need to know is that it’s not smart, nor is it safe. 

Sugar Daddies will also ask you to purchase gift cards (mine asked me to buy a $50 Sephora gift card… I would spend the $50 at Sephora, but certainly not on a gift card). I looked this up and according to the Federal Trade Commission, it looks like they use gift cards for the codes on the back, which allow for them to get the money off the card without it being traced. 

Once again, offshore accounts are NO BUENO.

So as far as experiences go this was definitely a learning one and one that I wish didn’t need to be so awkward and disgusting. 

I am not someone who needs to be taken care of financially. Would it be nice to get $400 a day? Hell yes! But I am a working woman, and I make my own money. 

Check your DM’s ladies. I strongly encourage you to block and report any accounts that message you any way similar to this. I think this is a bigger issue than we know, and girls should know more about these scams targeting them for illegal transactions. 

Believe me, they might be called Sugar Daddies but there is nothing sweet about them. 

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