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‘The Office’ Conspiracy Theories That Will Change Everything

Despite The Office ending in 2013, its legacy has lived on. Merchandise is sold everywhere from Amazon to Urban Outfitters, and its cast still makes references on social media all the time. Heck, people still dress up as Dwight and Michael Scott for Halloween. I’ll admit it: I rocked the Dwight attire this past Halloween. The oversized aviator glasses and the ugly yellow short-sleeved shirt was a good look on me if we’re being honest. 

The effect this television show has had goes way beyond the screen of any device. If you’re an avid watcher like me, you didn’t watch the series just one time through, but multiple times. Each time, I noticed something new. Many fans of the show have done the same and started to develop conspiracy theories about events that may have been occurring behind the scenes. Some of the theories developed by fans are unconvincing, but here are some of the most compelling:

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Roy Cheated on Pam with Angela

Of course, we know Angela has no problem with being loyal, and Roy never really treated Pam with much respect, so this theory seems believable. Audience members first get a glimpse of a possible affair during Season 2, episode 14. When office members play a game of “Who Would You Do?” Roy is awfully eager to say Angela’s name, despite the fact that Pam is apart of the game.

In the episode “The Secret,” Phyllis specifically asks Angela if she would rather choose Roy or Jim. With ease, Angela states Roy. Another slight hint at their relationship was shown in Season 2, episode 22. Michael is in the casino for casino night and he says, “Old friends, new lovers” and the camera shows Roy and Angela glancing at each other (the sexual tension is real).

Creed is the Scranton Strangler

On the surface, Creed Bratton seemed like a sketchy man who was way too old to be working at Dunder Mifflin in the first place, but was he more than that? Was he the Scranton Strangler?

Most people are suspicious of the Human Resource representative, Toby Flenderson when it comes to the mysterious identity of the Scranton Strangler, but the evidence piles up against Creed Bratton. One of the biggest indications involves the episode when Michael wants to play a murder mystery game with the Office. Creed mistakes this for a real police investigation and bolts out of the room. What is he hiding?

Another piece of evidence that stacks up against him involves the Halloween episode (Season 9, episode 5). Creed is shown wearing a bloody t-shirt and he says, “it’s Halloween. That is really, really good timing.” Is he the Scranton Strangler or just a straight up murderer? I guess that’s up to fans to decide.

Michael Scott’s father was an alcoholic

This is one of the least known theories about The Office, but it’s pretty convincing. Michael Scott is vocal about his parent’s divorce; fans think that they divorced because Michael’s dad had an alcohol problem.

Fans note that Michael Scott rarely consumes an excessive amount of alcohol. There were a few instances: the business meeting at Chili’s and the dinner party with Jan. Other than that, Michael Scott remained generally alcohol and drug-free.

Was this due to his rocky past with his father’s addiction? One last piece of evidence for this theory involves the Christmas episode when Michael tries to hold an intervention for Meredith and her alcoholism. He is insistent when it comes to helping her fix her addiction, and even tricks her into driving with him to go to rehab. It seems important to him for some reason unknown to us. Maybe he has seen the detrimental effects that alcohol can have on a family and a person and wanted to prevent that from happening to anyone else?

So what do you think? Are these simply shots in the dark? Or are fans making something out of nothing? 

Corrine Bresky is a first year studying criminology and psychology at Florida State university. She is from Port Charlotte, FL, the hometown of the most retirement homes (or at least that’s what it feels like to her). She is often compared to the famous actress Kathryn Hahn, and Corrine can often be found rollerblading ferociously between her classes.
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