Not Your Typical Sorority Girl - Meet Kara Mavros: Campus Cutie With An Outdoorsy Side

Name: Kara Mavros

Age: 19

Major: English – Editing, Writing, & Media

Age: Sophomore

Hometown: Palm Harbor, FL

Relationship Status: Single


Her Campus (HC): What extracurricular activities are you involved with here at FSU?

Kara Mavros (KM): I’m in Alpha Phi, where I’m on the Wall and Banner Committee, and I’m also a staff writer at Swatch Magazine.

HC: What advice would you give for girls interested in rushing a sorority?

KM: Do it! It was the best decision I’ve ever made! It definitely helps you stay involved on campus, it also gives you a strong support system of like-minded girls, and it’s fun!

HC: What’s the best part about being an FSU student?

KM: It’s a great time to be an FSU student! With the National Championship under our belt, there’s a great sense of community and Nole pride! The campus is beautiful this time of year and I love rolling around in the grass on Landis with my dog. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

HC: What would you say would be your dream job, or any future aspirations?

KM: I’m an English major, so I’d love to write for The New Yorker.

HC: What’s your idea of a perfect date?

KM: My idea of a perfect date would be playing a game of tennis and then cooling down with some fro-yo. I like doing fun, different things on a first date to get to know people. If he doesn’t like my dog or doesn’t make me laugh it’s a deal breaker!

HC: What are some of your favorite restaurants/place to hang out around Tallahassee?

KM: I’m a total nature girl, so I love Maclay Gardens. It’s so beautiful and they have great hiking trails. I love to take my dog, Stevie Nicks, for walks down by Lake Ella. There’s a little café I like to go to called Sweet Pea on Tharpe St. It’s a nice, low-key hangout where I can do some homework and grab a tasty, organic snack.  

HC: What’s one interesting fact about you?

KM: I met President Bush once!