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Noles Headed to the Big League

Watching our beloved Seminole football team will always be one of my fondest memories of college. Cheering on the same player for four or so years and watching him develop into such a great athlete makes me feel like a proud parent. It feels as though we journeyed alongside each player as they triumphed and failed (sometimes). We are a Seminole family and they are not allowed to just leave, even though they do. It feels as though the person I have been watching for four years or less is leaving me and I can’t believe the time together is over.

Some of our finest Florida State football gentlemen are moving on to bigger and better things in the National Football League. This is a huge opportunity for them and one we should all be very proud of (I mean, we did cheer them on for four years or less and that takes A LOT of talent). Our Seminoles have the most prospects – twelve – entering the NFL draft. All of our Seminoles did a fantastic job at the NFL Combine this past February. The combine is where players get a chance to do different workouts to show off their skills to NFL scouts, coaches, and the entire country in general. At Pro Day, players will get a chance to continue impressing NFL scouts, coaches, and staff. The Florida State Pro Day coming up is on March 31st and in anticipation of this event, here is a recap on what your favorite players did at the combine.

Ronald Darby (CB): Grade: 5.65

“Average size and outstanding speed. Can play off coverage and has the athleticism to play press. Many scouts and coaches have commented on Darby’s toughness, which is a concern although he has not missed or broken many tackles. It is evident he has starter’s ability at this position.”

Mario Edwards Jr. (DT): Grade: 5.55

“3-4 defensive end or 4-3 defensive tackle who has to make a living playing the run. Edwards did not reach expectations while at Florida State/ His “level of ability” is higher than his current level of play. This could continue to be the case unless her finds more passion and puts more effort from snap to snap.”

Cameron Erving (C): Grade: 5.76

“He is still learning the ways of offensive-line play after just two seasons as a starter.  Has the length and foot quickness to play tackle, but film work shows that he will have a much more successful career at center. Possesses skill set and temperament to show rapid development, but might need a year or two to develop.”

Source: www.kansascity.com

Eddie Goldman (DT): Grade: 6.12

 “His power at the point of attack and ability to discard blockers and actually make plays rather will have 3-4 teams very excited about their potential nose guard of the future. However, his lack of pass-rushing prowess could limit just how high he rises on draft boards.”

Rashad Greene (WR): Grade: 5.74

“He is productive in big games and at big times. Greene has the athleticism and quickness to get open and has a natural smoothness in his routes. He might get pigeon-holed into a slot position, but that might not be a bad thing. Greene needs more route polish but should be able to compete for snaps right away.”

Source: chopchat.com

Bobby Hart (OG): Grade: 5.12

“Young prospect who is best suited to play guard in the NFL. His issues in pass protection as a tackle won’t be same issues he faces in the NFL as a guard. Although he possess physical limitations, he is a competitive player with great potential for the NFL.”

Tre’ Jackson (OG): Grade: 5.72

“Jackson entered the 2014 season as one of the top-rated guard prospects, but failed to distinguish himself. Has the talent to be a dependable, quality NFL starter, but he needs to work on weight and conditioning in order to improve his feet and reach his potential.”

Josue Matias (OG): Grade: 5.54

“Teams will covet Matias’ length and pass-protection traits, as he has the build of a tackle. He uses technique over power. The question is whether he has the hips and athleticism to incorporate more explosiveness in run blocking and improve against change of direction.”

Nick O’Leary (TE): Grade: 5.44

“Has the competitive spirit and toughness that teams look for in a dual-threat tight end, but lacks the physical traits. He is an easy protection to an H-back spot where he could be an effective move-blocker and pass-catcher.”

Karlos Williams (RB): Grade: 5.34

“He is a big and talented athlete who is still finding his way as a running back. Teams will be looking in to discover more on his character. As a one-cut runner with exceptional burst and rare physical traits, Williams could become a very good starter in a zone-based scheme, but his floor is very low based on character and scheme fit.”

P.J. Williams (CB): Grade: 6.02

“Has the talent to play anywhere and the attitude to regroup and forget when beaten. He can cover outside from the slot and has the potential to start right away for an aggressive man-cover defense. If he continues to put in the effort he could potentially become the best cornerback to come out of this draft.”

Source: chopchat.com

Jameis Winston (QB): Grade: 6.52

“Big and highly competitive pocket passer who played in a pro-style offense and showed an ability to anticipate throwing windows, scan the entire field and make the NFL throws. His wind-up delivery and marginal mobility outside the pocket are fantastic, but his arm talent and issues with decision making are faults. Outstanding athlete that is hard to piece together his character. Winston’s supreme confidence might be considered arrogance by some, but even that trait will be alluring to teams who need to find a franchise quarterback.”

No matter where our fellow Seminoles go, they will always have the garnet and gold running through their veins. We will cheer them on in the NFL just as we did inside Doak (even if they are on your least favorite team). We all came from the same place and nobody could ever take that away from us. So, cheer on your Noles like a proud mom or dad cheering on their kid running down the football field.

Make sure to check out your Seminoles performance on March 31st at Pro Day. You can watch live here at Watch ESPN. 

Miranda is a Senior at FSU pursuing a degree in Sports Management. Her interests mainly include sports, sports, and more sports although she was never the athlete (oops). Her love for sports balances out her girly ways. She can sit down and cheer on her favorite New York teams with just as much passion as buying a new top (on sale of course). She is absolutely obsessed with her puggle, scrolling Twitter, and sleeping in. She hopes to rule the sports world someday, own a baby elephant, live on the beach, and have a big family. 
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