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Nikki Reyes: Brains and Beauty (Literally!)

Name: Nequiel Reyes (Nikki Reyes)

Year: Sophomore

Major: Biology

Hometown: West Palm Beach, FL

Relationship Status: Single

Her Campus (HC): So lets start off with some an easy question, pursuing a degree in Biology, what are your plans for the future?

Nikki Reyes (NR): I really hope to become a neurologist. Ever since I’ve been taking Medical Sociology, which is a course that I’m enrolled in right now, I’ve realized that I have such a passion advocating against racial inequalities in terms of health. It’s unfortunate that one’s ethnicity can determine how a doctor treats you as a minority and how institutional racism in places such as hospitals; where you want to treat people and get them better no matter their background.

HC: It’s really great that you want to shed light on such big problem in the medical industry!

NR: Yes, I definitely want to become an activist for this issue because I feel like it shouldn’t matter what race you are, you should be able to receive quality treatment. Also also at the end of it all I really want to publish a book Just for fun! I kind of want it to be a really funny Mindy Kaling-eqsue book like “Hey, this is my life.”

HC: Wow, I’m sure that will be a great read! Can you tell us about the organizations that you’re involved with on campus?

NR: Sure! Currently, I’m a Lady Spirithunter. I am also the Vice President of the Golden Key International Honor Society. I’ve met such a diverse group of people and they’ve helped me grow as an individual and as a leader. I also manage their Facebook and Twitter pages. During the summer, I always said that I wanted to oversee an organization’s social media outlet. It is the coolest thing ever. I am also part of Class Councils, particularly the Sophomore Class Council. I’m a Member-At-Large, basically we help with the junior and senior class councils to promote the traditions that we already have and create new ones.  We help to create opportunities for our class as well. Like for sophomores maybe right now you’re are finally deciding on your major, getting into the college that you belong to, or studying abroad, so we help to guide second years in those areas. And most recently, this upcoming summer I am going to be a facilitator for the Freshman Service Leadership Seminar.

HC: Since it’s Women’s History Month, who is one of the most influential women in your life?

NR: I think freshman year, I was on tumblr, of course, and I follow a lot of Neuroscience blogs and this one woman popped up. Her name is Marian Diamond and she was the first female grad student to study in Berkley’s anatomy department. She was also the first woman to touch Einstein’s brain. Her dad was also a doctor and I read that the first time she knew that she wanted to be a doctor was when she saw a human brain for the first time. A month later I toured FSU’s med school and they were going through the central nervous systems and we were able to see a human brain and I felt that exact same way she did. Our brains are all made up of the same cells and tissues but we all have different experiences and memories with the same basic organ.

HC: Well being that this is a Campus Cutie interview, what are three things that you look for in a suitor?

NR: First of all, they have to have a suit [laughs]. No but I definitely look for a sense of humor but also I need them to think I’m funny. For example, if you watch The Office and laugh, then we are going to get along great! Then, someone who has a passion for growth and leadership. Wanting to be better and not being okay with where they are but is continually striving. Last, they have to have an interest in traveling but also doing nothing. Like tomorrow we could go to Atlanta but if its’ raining and the TV is on he’d be okay with saying in and watching TV.

HC: Okay last question, who is your celebrity crush?

NR: Does Barack Obama count? Would that be weird to say? [laughs] You know what, actually I’m just going to go and say Drake.

California native, Kaylah Jackson is currently a senior at Florida State University where she is majoring in Editing, Writing and Media. Her passion for sports, women's health and social issues coupled with her love for writing inspires her to pursue a career in television journalism. Make sure to keep an eye out for her on a national news network in the coming years! When she isn't brainstorming for her next story idea, Kaylah enjoys working out, binge watching The Office and attempting to get her friends to incorporate kale and avocado into their daily source of nutrition.
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