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Nike Reveals Their New Pants Studio and We’ve Never Been So Hyped

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There’s a reason why Nike is number one. A powerhouse in their own right, they sponsor the world’s top athletes, are a global household name and carry a quality brand image like no other — but that doesn’t mean they plan on slowing down anytime soon. That would actually be the farthest thing from the truth, always up for a challenge. Nike is constantly reinventing and innovating how to stay current and even ahead of their customer needs and their competitor’s strategies. As the athleisure market is rapidly growing, Nike is looking into how to tap into the seven billion dollar industry and rule the market. Instead of letting mainstream but boutique style activewear stores such as Alo Yoga, Sweaty Betty, and Lululemon take over the industry, Nike wants to learn from their competitors and be number one by a long shot. 

Courtesy: Nike, Inc.

This is where Nike’s idea began. By incorporating what made their competitors strong Nike has developed the Nike Pant Studio in order to successfully tap into and dominate the multi-billion dollar athleisure wear business. Debuting new head-to-toe outfits next year, Nike is targeting the female customer and focusing on more of what she wants and needs in her workout and everyday life. And they’re not afraid to go after their competitors’ market. By rearranging their store layout of an initial 5,000 stores Nike will merchandise their new Pant Studio by activity, making it easier to shop and spend. Not just aesthetically pleasing, Nike will stay true and honor their sporting background. Using ultra-breathable fabrics, compression pockets, and more, these full outfits or individually purchased pants offer a range of functions depending on activity. From boxing to dancing to yoga, the fabric, design, and overall structure of Nike’s apparel will give every woman who buys from them the perfect experience. New tech innovations such as these can be seen in the structure and design of the FLY tights.  Specifically developed for the spin-class in mind these tights provide ventilation and a cooling system that allows her to keep cool and comfortable during a high cardio workout. Not only has this but the waistband been redesigned in order to provide the highest form of comfort.

Courtesy: Nike News

The main woman behind these quality designs says this idea was inspired by the option of selection. Jamie Lee, the Senior Design Director of Women’s Training who has worked at Nike for more than 12 years, reveals that “we were looking at offering her choice, helping her to decide which pant was great for her, depending on her preference.” That’s what I believe Nike has offered to their customers and as they grow they will continue to be the best.

Tara Lawson-Corley is a Florida State University graduate. She majored in Retail Merchandising & Product Development with the goal of someday working for a fitness driven retail company. Hopefully later on she will be able to own her own successful fitness boutique or at least that's the dream. Tara enjoys the occasional Netflix binge, reading numerous fashion magazines, and finding new and exciting ways to workout.
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