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Goodwill Goes Online for Your Convenient Thrifting Pleasure

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

It is no secret that Gen Z has pushed the limits of political change in recent years regarding climate change. This generation is determined to combat the climate crisis of the world and what better way than starting with the fashion industry? Thrifting has become a sustainable sensation that has paved the way toward a new direction in recycling clothing products. Not only can you find beautiful affordable pieces to up your wardrobe, but you can help the environment while fueling your shopping habit. Many people do not consider the environmental effects that happen when one contributes to retail capitalist spending. The fashion industry creates pollution that accounts for “20% of global wastewater and 10% of global carbon emissions,” according to a statistic published by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. Goodwill has not only provided a solution to sustainable fashion but has now mobilized its company online, allowing accessibility for those who may not be able to make it into the store but want to contribute to environmental sustainability.

Goodwill continues to help those living in poverty and struggling to find jobs with the opportunity to work for their company. Goodwill is constantly looking for ways to support the environment and the communities of people that inhabit it. Opening their online shop has now allowed people that struggle to make it to the store during hours of operations due to other obligations a chance to shop sustainably and affordably.

Goodwill’s online store is easily accessible and well organized. The online site has categories of listings ranging anywhere from household items to furnish your home (i.e., Tableware and Kitchenware, Office Supplies, Seasonal & Holiday, Office Supplies, etc.) to clothes to refresh your closet (i.e., Clothing, Jewelry & Gemstones, Wedding, etc.). The vast selection of different items you can purchase for any occasion is broken down under “Categories” on the website here. Additionally, the site lists recommendations specifically tailored to your interests so that you can see great deals that you may have long been looking for at an affordable price.

The “Features” tab at the top of the homepage lists Goodwill’s treasured finds for the ultimate thrifters. If you are on the hunt for expensive name brands or rare collector items be sure to scroll through the boundless listing under this tab! An innovative addition to the website lies in its auctions which can be found under the “My Goodwill” tab. Simply, scroll to “auctions in progress,” and create an account and begin bidding on your thrifting treasures. This unique addition allows for a fun new virtual second-hand shopping experience that most online companies do not offer.

Lastly, if you are feeling like you need to be inspired check out the “Stories” tab on the home page. This section of the website is full of Goodwill community success stories that are heartwarming. This is great insight for the consumer to see what causes their money from purchasing secondhand is going to. Goodwill taking their brand online is not only cultivating a better community but also a more sustainable fashion environment for generations to come.

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