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In the past few years, going out for cookies to satisfy a sweet tooth has become a fad of cookie lovers all over the country. Some of the many examples include Insomnia, Great American Cookies and of course, Crumbl Cookies.

Following the history of Crumbl on their official website, “It all started with one big dream, two crazy cousins and the perfect combination of flour, sugar and chocolate chips.” CEO and COO, Jason McGowan and Sawyer Hemsley founded Crumbl Cookies thanks to their passion for baking and more importantly, baking together. Just four short years ago, the duo successfully opened their very first storefront in Logan, Utah. Shortly after, the store sold its very first box of cookies in early 2018.

Among the many things that make Crumbl as iconic as it is, is their token pink packaging. The box’s unique shape and identifiable logo and font combination make it very easy to recognize and raises curiosity amongst those not as familiar with the brand. And with today’s social media presence, customers have played an overwhelming role in advertising the franchise across the country.

Easily, the most characteristic thing about the Crumbl franchise is their weekly rotating menu. In December of 2018, McGown and Hemsley created what we now know as the ‘Flavors of the Week.’ Each week the team will put out a new set of flavors, some rather advantageous, others pretty traditional, but all absolutely delicious. It not only keeps the regulars on their toes, but it has created a whole development on social media amongst the consumers. Across all platforms of social media, customers partake in a review of the flavors of the week complete with photos and descriptions of their opinions, which in turn encourages their followers to hop in their cars and speed to their nearest Crumbl.

Today, Crumbl has expanded to 264 locations across 36 states, “making it the fastest-growing cookie company in the nation.” Come November and December, Tallahassee will become the newest home to not one, but two Crumbl locations.

A local Tallahassee family has decided to take their passion for working in the kitchen and open their own locations. The grand opening for the Bannerman Crossing location is just around the corner; the date is currently set for Nov. 12. The second Crumbl location will be found in the Mahan Village shopping center and is set to open late December, early January time.

Some may say that Crumbl could have a bit of competition in the Tallahassee area with Insomnia Cookies and Mo Cookies so close to the Florida State University campus, but I think that both of these locations are conveniently located in places that will draw in Tallahassee natives as well as FSU students.

Upon opening, both locations will be looking to hire a full new staff, including bakers and delivery drivers. If you are interested in becoming a part of one of Tallahassee’s newest Crumbl teams, your resume can be emailed to [email protected] or submit an application on their website.

Welcome to Tallahassee Crumbl! See you so soon.

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