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Anna Delvey was a German heiress that socialized with Manhattan’s elite in the early 2010s. She was known as a rich socialite. A wealthy jet setter. But the thing is, Anna Delvey was not even a real person.

The true story of anna sorokin

Anna Sorokin moved to New York City from Germany in her 20s in 2013 and began passing herself off as a very wealthy heiress to gain access to the most exclusive events and parties of New York City. Sorokin would claim to be able to pay for things she could not afford and ended up defrauding hotels, restaurants and even her own friends.

Anna Sorokin scammed others out of almost 300,000 dollars. The story the way that Anna tells it is that she told a few white lies on her way trying to open an exclusive arts-club for the elite of Manhattan. She would say she never claimed to be extremely wealthy, people just assumed it. Her former friends would disagree. Rachel DeLoache Williams in an interview with ABC News called her experience with Anna traumatic saying that “to have someone that I had put so much goodwill into turn out to just be like a liar and who had willfully hurt me, was very painful.”

Anna was first arrested in July 2017 in connection with her skipping out on bills to a few New York City hotels. Sorokin was convicted by a jury in 2019 on four counts of theft services, three counts of grand larceny and one count of attempted grand larceny.

Netflix’s take on the story

The wild tale of the fake heiress is coming to Netflix in a miniseries titled Inventing Anna produced by Shonda Rhimes, known for bringing us Scandal and Bridgerton. Sorokin sold the rights to her story to Netflix and Shonda Rhimes. The money she made from the deal was used to pay restitution to those that she stole from.

The tagline of the show is “Inspired by the true story of a total fake.” Moreover, the series is based on a New York Magazine piece on Delvey by Jessica Pressler titled “How Anna Delvey Tricked New York’s Party People.” Anna, the title subject of the series, will be portrayed by Julia Garner most known for her role in Ozark. Other members of the cast of the series include Anna Chlumsky, Arian Moayed and Laverne Cox. The series will contain 10 episodes.

The trailer opens with a journalist going to visit Anna in prison. It then follows with clips of Anna’s exploits, traveling the world, throwing around cash, attempting to get multi-million-dollar investments from banks while hearing Megan Thee Stallion rapping. The trailer tells viewers “THIS STORY IS COMPLETELY TRUE” and a few seconds later, “EXCEPT FOR THE PARTS THAT ARE TOTALLY MADE UP.” There are also small glimpses into the elaborate lie that Sorokin constructed and how it came crashing down around her.

Anna Sorokin was released from prison in 2021 after serving just under four years but now appears to be in custody of the ICE and may possibly be deported back to Germany.

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