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New Year, New Semester, New Me: What I’m Reminding Myself Going Into Spring 2024

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

As per usual, 2023 had its super high highs and some pretty low lows. I want to be a self-aware queen and take credit for the places in my life that need some severe improvement. As college students, we are so used to balancing so many different aspects of our lives such as academics, Greek life and student organizations, friends and relationships, a job, family, hobbies, a significant other, and more. I know I can get very wrapped up in myself and my to-do list. I can forget to take care of myself, check in on my friends, or even just take a step back and reprioritize what I value most.

My dad has always reminded me as I’ve gotten older that life is truly all about balance. It’s important to work hard, but it’s okay to give yourself a break. You also can’t play too hard and not put enough effort or attention into your work because grades and other priorities could slip and be challenging to recover. Thank you to this article in advance for holding me accountable for these three things I’m reminding myself of next semester.

1. I am a college student first

This might be a little bit of a hot take or just something we don’t always like to admit, but we are in Tallahassee and enrolled at Florida State to get a college degree. I know, it’s devasting to admit, but true. I mean, I’m just a silly teenage girl! But college is more than just hanging out with friends, getting coffee from The Frother’s Daughter or The Sweet Shop, doing the war chant at any opportunity, and sweet treat runs.

I must admit, the Spring 2023 and Fall 2023 semesters weren’t my best. I know I can do better. In Spring 2024, I am going to bring a whole new level of positivity, productivity, and effort to my schoolwork by not procrastinating, actually taking detailed notes, making Quizlets in advance, and booking study rooms throughout the semester (not just for finals week).

2. put your phone down

My best friend every day reminds me that they have never met someone as “addicted” to their phone as I am, which I agree and disagree with. A lot of my job is done through texting and emailing on my phone. I also am constantly communicating with friends and teachers, and I have Canvas and my FSU email on my phone as well.

But I have no excuse for my TikTok scrolling. That definitely can be (and is) a little bit of a problem and prevents me from reaching my full productivity potential when it comes to not procrastinating or having better time management skills. I also think if I put my phone down more often, it would enable me to be more present in my relationships and become a better listener. This would also make me a better overall friend.

3. don’t be afraid to put yourself out there

Since I’ve gotten to college, putting myself out there has been a constant battle for me. Sometimes I can be super outgoing, and I’m able to force myself to become comfortable with the uncomfortable. For example, I participated in Fall Panhellenic Formal Recruitment in 2022, which was unlike anything I’d ever experienced. It was so different and at times difficult, which resulted in being uncomfortable. Yet I trusted the process and am so thankful for that every day.

College puts everyone in uncomfortable situations, from job interviews to parties to joining new student organizations. My self-doubt can get in the way of my self-esteem and confidence, which puts a limit on my potential and the opportunities I go after. What I’ve learned and want to continue improving in 2024 is that I want to continue going out for things that interest me and just putting myself out there. I am doing this by applying for positions within Tallahassee’s fashion magazines or just introducing myself to a classmate to make a new friend or even a LinkedIn connection.

These are three things I plan on bringing into my life in 2024 and hopefully, this article will hold me accountable. I wish you luck in your New Year’s resolutions and spring semester!

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