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New Stand-Up Comedy Coming to Netflix Soon

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Winter blues got you down? Are your impending midterms stressing you out? Did you get ghosted again? Whatever mood you may be in, bad or good, it’s always a great time to have a laugh! Fortunately, Netflix has a hilarious lineup of distractions waiting for your viewing pleasure. In the next month, the streaming service will have uploaded four amazing new stand-up comedy specials! Some of these specials include your favs while the others might introduce you to new faces. Most notable, and in order of release date, are Pete Davidson, Taylor Tomlinson, Marc Maron and last but not least, Tom Segura. Find out what these specials are all about!

Pete Davidson: Alive From New York

When: Feb. 25

It’s Pete! The comedian, actor and Saturday Night Live member, is finally getting his very own Netflix special. In the past few years, Davidson has rocketed to the upper levels of stardom and tabloid discourse. His personal struggles with his own fame, mental health issues and complicated relationships *cough Ariana Grande cough* are the topic of many discussions. In the special, Pete Davidson: Alive From New York, he exploits all of these. The NY Times expressed a lot of interest in Pete’s unique style of delivery, “Davidson alternates swagger with anxiety and fragility.” A man who’s in touch with his emotions, how modern. As some of you may know, Pete was the stand-up comedian for FSUs very own homecoming Pow-Wow 2019. Curious if he repeated any of his jokes? You’ll have to watch the special to find out!

Taylor Tomlinson: Quarter Life Crisis

When: March 3

Here at Her Campus, we love a female comedian. Just like Pete, Taylor is also getting her very first Netflix special! She is already featured on Netflix’s The Comedy Lineup, but both the streaming service and the fans alike were clamoring for more. On March 3, Tomlinson is real, raw and funny as she takes aim at her own life decisions in front of the world. In trailers and clips from the special Tomlinson, 25, can be heard joking about her 20s and the, sometimes, naivety or lack of wisdom that comes with it. “That’s why you’re thin in your 20s! You don’t have a gut to listen to yet!” Check out the rest of the trailer here or go watch it on Netflix on March 3!

Marc Maron: End Times Fun

When: March 10

If you’ve already finished the comedy specials by Davidson and Tomlinson, give 56-year-old Marc Maron a try! Despite his age, Maron’s sense of humor is much in line with many of the younger generations’ feelings of hopelessness and cynicism about today’s climate both environmentally, politically and even socially. He addresses the big concerns of society and presents it in a comedic format. The veteran comic already has two comedy specials on Netflix. 2013 Thinky Pain and 2017 Too Real are both available if you want to binge his stuff!

Tom Segura: Ball Hog

When: March 24

Tom Segura is probably the most showcased comedian in this lineup with three of his own Netflix specials under his belt. His fourth special drops on March 24 and is titled Tom Segura: Ball Hog. Unlike the other specials, no trailer has been released, so fans are left speculating as to what exactly Segura will be delivering this time! Additionally, according to GritDaily, Segura “recently signed a deal with Netflix for two new specials, including a Spanish-speaking one scheduled to debut in the fall.” The comedian speaks fluent Spanish and in his own words “Estoy muy emocionado por la oportunidad de entretener las amigas de mi mama.” AKA “I am very excited for the opportunity to entertain my mom’s friends.” While you wait for his other shows, catch his English-speaking stand-up on Netflix now and on March 24!

Have a laugh!

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