Netflix is Increasing its Subscription Prices, But Let’s Be Honest We Aren’t Going Anywhere

Yeah, you read that right. It’s happening. For the first time since Oct. 2017, Netflix is raising their prices. All 58 million US subscribers are going to be affected by these increased prices and the internet is blowing up. The basic plan will increase from $7.99 to $8.99 and their most popular subscription plan, with 2 screens and HD availability, will increase from $10.99 to $12.99. The premium plan will increase to $15.99. Netflix and Chill dates just got a little bit classier.

For us collegiettes on a tight budget, every dollar counts. In comparison to the one screen monthly subscription for $8.99, the average movie ticket was around $9 in 2018. With the endless amount of movies Netflix provides, it appears as though the price is still a great deal. Many users would likely stick around just for the ‘90s sitcom Friends that Netflix recently paid $100 million to keep.

In the 12 years Netflix has been in service, this cost increase is the biggest one yet. If you are thinking about getting an account, unfortunately, it’s too late to grab your first month for the old costs as these new prices have already gone into effect for all new Netflix users. In the next couple of months, they will begin to charge all present users the new prices. Users will be notified through email and on the mobile app.   

Many people are contemplating why Netflix made this decision. As reported by NPR, Netflix stated, “We change pricing from time to time as we continue investing in great entertainment and improving the overall Netflix experience for the benefit of our members.” With rivals like Hulu and Amazon Video gaining popularity, it seems about time Netflix rose their prices. Marketwatch reports that Netflix’s extra cash will help them invest in original shows and films and maintain their top spot among the streaming service hierarchy. 

Netflix and their investors aren’t predicting much change in the number of subscribers, but Twitter might indicate otherwise. Many angry customers are tweeting at Netflix and threatening to cancel their subscriptions if prices are hiked up. Like this person here:

Currently, Netflix has yet to post about the price change on their social media accounts. It’s likely, despite this speculation, Netflix Originals like Birdbox and Stranger Things will keep users paying even if they aren’t happy about the new costs. These internet-breaking films simply cannot be watched anywhere else. So, for those of you who use your boyfriend’s uncle’s best friend's sister’s account, don’t worry, your shows are probably not going anywhere. Take advantage of these connections while you can though because researchers are also currently working on a new AI software that can detect which accounts are being shared … but we’ll worry about that when the time comes.

Ladies, watch your inboxes because Netflix is going to be sliding in soon to bring you the sad news themselves. Until then, enjoy the extra $1-2 dollars in your bank account, and get ready to see what new films Netflix will bring in 2019.