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NCAA March Madness: The Year of the ACC

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Kasey Lynch and Miranda Mauro (K&M) are out to prove that sports aren’t just for the male gender. Every week we will be giving you updates on what’s going on in the sports world as well as our own perspective on sports-related topics. “Two Girls and Some Sports” is taking the sports column to the next level. And yes, we know what we’re talking about.

If you’re wondering why your social media has been filled up with stuff about brackets, upsets and a whole lot of college basketball, then you must live under a rock. The month of March is known as “March Madness” to all the sport junkies aka the time of the year when NCAA Basketball is the only sport that exists. It’s arguably one of the most exciting times in college sports.  For all of you wondering what March Madness is, it’s an NCAA Basketball tournament that features the best 64 college basketball teams in the country. Jury is still out on if it includes all of the “best” because many schools felt as though they were snubbed this year. Looking at you Monmouth.

Although Florida State did not make “the big dance,” many ACC schools did. In fact, the ACC is the first conference to ever have six teams make the Sweet Sixteen in the same season (UNC, Duke, Syracuse, Miami, Virginia and Notre Dame). The most popular activity to do with this is to fill out a bracket where you pick which team is going to win each game until you get to the eventual champion. It makes the tournament more interesting and is probably why your guy friends have been even more competitive amongst each other the past few days. All brackets have been busted because of one simple word and that is “upset.” An upset is when a lower-seeded team beats a higher-seeded team. It’s basically where the team you thought had no chance to win beats the team you thought was going to go all the way. *Cough Michigan State and Kentucky cough.*

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The tournament has been a roller coaster thus far and it just wrapped up the first two rounds. After the round of 64 is completed it moves into the round of 32, which just finished Sunday night. Now it moves onto the rounds that you have probably of heard of before. The Sweet Sixteen kicks off Thursday, March 24th with four games and continues the next day with the remaining four. The tournament then goes to The Elite Eight, Final Four and then the championship game that is set to be played on Monday, April 4th.

Since the Sweet Sixteen kicks of this week, here is each team competing described in one sentence.

Kansas: The number one overall seed aka most likely to win it all.

Maryland: Best uniforms award goes to them.

Miami: Still refuse to root for them.

Villanova: The only Big East team in the Sweet Sixteen this season.

Duke: Go ACC!

Oregon: Not rooting for you either because of that one time in football.

Texas A&M: Best comeback ever award goes to them-down by 12 with 35 seconds left to go.

Oklahoma: I thought this was a football school…

North Carolina: My pick to win it all (also an ACC team).

Indiana: The team who knocked out Drake’s team aka Kentucky.

Notre Dame: Another ACC team dominating the tournament.

Wisconsin: Buzzer beater win – that’s all I have to say.

Virginia: FSU beat them in the regular season (also another ACC team). 

Iowa State: Easiest road to get to the Sweet Sixteen.

Gonzaga: Lowest seeded team to make the Sweet Sixteen this season.

Syracuse: Anotha (ACC) one. 

Miranda is a Senior at FSU pursuing a degree in Sports Management. Her interests mainly include sports, sports, and more sports although she was never the athlete (oops). Her love for sports balances out her girly ways. She can sit down and cheer on her favorite New York teams with just as much passion as buying a new top (on sale of course). She is absolutely obsessed with her puggle, scrolling Twitter, and sleeping in. She hopes to rule the sports world someday, own a baby elephant, live on the beach, and have a big family. 
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