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My Take on “Anything Goes”: Is It Really Worth a Listen?

Emma Chamberlain began her career and public life in 2017 with the premiere of her first YouTube video. In response, Chamberlain has attracted a large fan base in the four years of her fame due to her unfiltered yet unproblematic presence. Her influence over fashion and social media continue to thrive through her Instagram and podcast, “Anything Goes,” which came out in February 2020. Since then, Chamberlain’s podcast was awarded a People’s Choice Award for Favorite Pop Podcast, and she has released over 80 episodes. “Anything Goes” is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Audacy, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, Amazon Music and more.

“Anything Goes” dives deeper into Emma Chamberlain’s own life, including her travel plans, past and current relationships, former high school experience and celebrity crushes, including Timothee Chalamet. While she’s constantly visiting glamorous cities such as Paris and New York, she doesn’t make the listeners feel disheartened or excluded for not traveling with her and sharing her experiences. Instead, Chamberlain is a relatable yet glamorous influencer, who allows her followers to stay in touch with her life, and can even make the Met Gala seem imminent. In her “Anything Goes” episode titled “The Met Gala,” she discusses her nerves and shock regarding receiving an invitation to her first Met Gala. In this episode, Chamberlain describes her feelings of intimidation attending, as well as amazement in giving her input on her Louis Vuitton-designed dress.

Additionally, Chamberlain uses her podcast to reach out to concerned fans about gossip that spreads on TikTok, including the rumors of her dwindling mental health. In Chamberlain’s “How Am I Really Doing?” episode, released on June 10, she explains that until the negativity spread on Tik Tok, her mental health had been substantially high. In this episode, Chamberlain shares her goals of being honest and vulnerable about her life, which can sometimes include mental health struggles. Personally, I think Chamberlain has taught her audience to be satisfied and find content in being alone, which surfaces in her YouTube videos as well as her one-woman podcast. Her storytelling on the podcast itself is amusing, and she does not ramble on one topic, instead opting for clarity. While her podcast is entertaining and exciting, it’s also relaxing as she speaks informally and uses conversational language.

Moreover, Chamberlain has made fashion more accessible to her audience by allowing them to participate in events such as Paris Fashion Week and the Met Gala alongside her. Chamberlain’s partnership with Louis Vuitton also allows younger viewers to experience the behind-the-scenes aspect of high fashion life.

Overall, I think “Anything Goes” has the clear and defined idea of describing Emma Chamberlain more thoroughly beyond her short YouTube videos. Because she’s open about discussions about former friendships, relationships and even her spirituality, she creates a connection with her listeners that her audience on Instagram and YouTube don’t encounter as often. As the host, Chamberlain’s key features include her warmth and ability to relate, which isn’t always common for influencers. Finally, I would totally recommend “Anything Goes,” as it’s my current favorite podcast.

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An FSU student from Ormond Beach, Florida, studying political science with a minor in professional communication.
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