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As my graduation is approaching, it's time for me to say goodbye to Florida State University (FSU). I guess this is a letter for future freshmen and a note for graduating seniors like myself.

I am extremely thankful for what Florida State University has brought me. I am grateful for all the crying, laughter, stress and opportunities this university has given me. Like most graduating seniors, the only thing I can think about right now is what comes after. Some of us may have jobs or grad school lined up for the future, while others have no idea what is going to happen the minute we walk off that stage.

Dear freshmen, please take advantage of what the university has to offer. Primarily, join clubs and organizations. I am extremely grateful for the wonderful people and friends I have met through them. I am certain they will last forever. Second, make sure to take the time to walk around campus and take it all in. As a graduating senior, I will miss walking around campus and sitting on Landis, looking at people pass by. Third, do not take school for granted; this could open doors for you in the future. Fourth, go to every single football, soccer, basketball, baseball, frisbee and tennis game. I still remember my first basketball game and the moment everybody started chopping their hands to the FSU War Chant. Thinking about it makes me sad but it also makes me happy that I had the opportunity to experience it. Fifth, talk to your professors—they are here to help and guide you. Florida State has a lot of opportunities to offer.

[bf_image id="2c47qjrpp748shksm42hh8w"] Dear graduating seniors, we have officially made it! We now have a degree and can call ourselves professionals. Not going to even lie, that sounds so terrifying. Before we were considered adults, but now it feels real with a degree in our hands. Most of us, like myself, are extremely scared of what comes next and that uncertainty that the future might hold. We have definitely made it through very uncertain times: we have gone through a pandemic and have adapted to online classes. Most of our last year was taken away by the fear of the pandemic, but not anymore. Yes, the pandemic still exists but slowly we are seeing the light. Be proud of everything you have gone through. Be proud that you will get that degree and finally call yourself a professional. Be proud of calling yourself a Florida State University Alumni. I am writing this with tears in my eyes because it is my last Her Campus article, but it is the beginning of a new chapter.

Thank you, Florida State University for opening doors for my future. Thank you for granting me opportunities and friendships that I will never forget. Thank you for making me happy to call myself a Seminole. Finally, thank you FSU for being a home away from home. As a graduating senior, I will miss you forever, but I will always carry you in my heart.

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Basiliki Kosmas is originally from Panama City, Panama. She is double majoring in Finance & Criminology at Florida State University.
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