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I have always detested the idea of reading for fun. I guess it’s because the books I was assigned to read at school never held my interest. I never met my AR goal in school, nor did I get to go on those fun bowling trips (Shout out to my middle school administration for giving me major FOMO!). Anyways, I never really had an interest in picking up a book until seventh grade when I read Divergent. Since then, my taste in books has changed, but I do have some books I’ll never get tired of and can always dive in for a re-read. Here are some of my all-time favorites!

1. Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating by Christina Lauren

I’m a sucker for a feel-good romantic comedy. The first thing that really gravitated me towards this book was the quirky heroine. Hazel gave me major Jess from New Girl vibes and I was absolutely here for it (still am). I also adored the dynamic between these two characters. Their friendship that grew into a more romantic feeling sold me and I’ve been hooked ever since. It is, in my humble opinion, the best Christina Lauren book to date!

2. Until It Fades by K.A. Tucker

This book is the perfect beach read. I vividly remember reading this one on my summer vacation in 2017 and loving every second of it. Reading it again recently, I realized how much of a hopeless romantic I was in high school. Even though my thoughts on love and romance have changed, I always go back to this book and remember the feeling of wanting the “perfect” boyfriend or the “perfect” relationship. If you love sports romance (specifically, professional hockey) mixed in with a small town and a single mom, this one is for you.  

3. Legend by Marie Lu

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Shocker, not a romantic comedy, I know. I remember the dystopian craze like it was yesterday. Between Divergent, The Hunger Games and The Maze Runner, it was quite difficult to keep up. I’m still salty they never made a film based on this book series, but I’m counting my blessings considering how the films The Moral Instruments and Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief came out. Anyways, I really love the fast-paced energy this book and the rest of the series has to offer. We’ve got two narrators: the notorious criminal, Day, and the noble citizen—though a little rebellious—June. Reading from both perspectives made it more real and exciting. It has a little bit of action, mystery and romance (obviously). Definitely an all-time favorite.

4. On the Way to You by Kandi Stiener

Read this at my funeral. That’s all. Just kidding, I think. Honestly though, 2017 was such a time. I feel like I had all the time in the world to read and I was just zooming through my “To Be Read” (TBR) list. I remember reading this book in the span of two or three hours, maybe? It had all the qualities I was looking for in a contemporary romance novel: the spontaneous road trip with a stranger, the angst and the occasional banter. This book definitely gave me a big case of wanderlust and possibly inspired me to plan a solo trip to the mountains. Don’t tell my mom, though. 

5. Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover

Best for last, am I right? I will literally read anything by this author. Even her grocery list. No seriously, her writing always knocks it out of the park. So many of her books are some of my favorites, but for the purpose of variation, this has to be my favorite by her. The soundtrack is top tier; so are the characters. Hoover’s ability to make a book drop-dead hilarious yet also VERY emotional is clearly evident in Maybe Someday. If you ever want to read a book for fun, this has to be it. 

Unfortunately, I don’t have all the time in the world to be constantly reading, but whenever I’m in a book slump, I pick up one of these (or any Colleen Hoover book), to get me back in the groove! I hope some of these will do the same for you!

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Victoria Cardoso is an Editing, Writing, and Media major at Florida State University. When she’s not writing for Her Campus FSU, she’s probably watching Harry Potter, planning her next Disney trip, or eating a slice of pizza.
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