My Experience With Random Roommates

Let’s start with a little bit of background information: I’m 18 years old, a first-year college student and I knew way before I got to college that dorm life was not for me. I prefer to cook for myself, I wanted my own room and the idea of communal bathrooms is an actual nightmare situation. If you went through dorms yourself, I am automatically impressed by you. I jumped straight to an apartment. I have three older sisters who all went to college, including one who is still at FSU, so I wasn’t scared by the idea.

I signed a lease for a 4x2 in the summer and was automatically added to the empty room in my sister’s apartment. We both agreed that while we wanted to be close, we had no desire to be in the exact same apartment. Whoever created the room assignments had assumed we wanted to room together, but it was easy to switch and everything worked out. I was given contact info for two of my three future roommates. Or at least I thought I was. When I moved into the apartment in August I was met with three other girls—none of who knew that we were rooming together. And after a series of complications that weekend one of them actually moved to a new apartment. It was a shame because she’s awesome, but thankfully we keep in touch! And to be honest, I lucked out by having my own bathroom for a year!

When I first moved in I was incredibly nervous, because who wouldn’t be when thrown into their first place away from their family with complete strangers to top it off? Luckily, Maggie, Alezia and I hit it off pretty quickly. Alezia is a fellow first-year at FSU and Maggie was a senior at FAMU. All three of us cook (which has led to some very crowded nights in our tiny kitchen), we were able to set up a chores schedule within the first few days and we all agreed to rotate on buying cleaning supplies as needed. From the start, it’s been easy to get along with them.

As it turns out, I didn’t need to be nervous. Maggie is incredibly kind and Alezia has become one of my closest friends. They are both great roommates. We all have a lot of fun tasting each other’s meals, checking if anyone else is up at one a.m. (which everyone always is) and chatting when we finally see each other at night. Even with our insanely non-compatible schedules, coming home to two friends is still the best feeling.


Maria Diyaljee, Alezia, Maggie

Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had a few bumps. We have self-imposed “quiet hours” which recently had to be revamped, mix-ups with the cleaning schedule and a few miscommunications. But they’re still the best roommates anyone could have. As it turns out, the worst experience I’ve had with them is finding out they’re leaving! Maggie graduated in December and Alezia is looking for a more convenient location for herself so next year I’m going to get a whole new set of roommates. The three of us are going to keep in touch, of course, but I already know I’m going to miss them so much. Trying all their fun recipes, sharing my own and chatting at midnight has made for the best time. We make sure that none of us are ever on our own. Maggie and Alezia are the best roommates a girl could have and I am so grateful to be with them for my first year.

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