My 10 Favorite Korean RnB Artists

K-pop has been taking over this year with more and more groups touring in America and gaining popularity. But K-pop is not the only popular genre of Korean music. Korean RnB has been growing as well. Instead of being in groups, Korean RnB artists are soloists. Being a soloist gives them an opportunity to stand out and not be upstaged by other group members. If you ever want to see the more unique and relaxing side of Korean music or are a huge fan of RnB, you should listen to these songs and artists.


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If I did not mention DEAN in this list, I would be seen as a fraud in the Korean RnB community. DEAN is wildly popular and is called the Prince of Korean RnB. His voice is beautiful and very alluring when he sings. He has created multiple songs and collaborated with many artists in the RnB community. Not just Korean artists, but Americans as well. Eric Bellinger has collaborated with DEAN on his debut song “I’m Not Sorry.” DEAN speaks and sings in Korean and English. He has one album called 130 Mood: TRBL and multiple singles. He performed his single “Love” on the popular YouTube channel Colors.

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SAAY is originally known as a member of a K-pop group called EvoL. After her group disbanded she continued to pursue music because she loved singing so much. Just like DEAN, she speaks and sings in Korean and English! So for those who argue they want to understand what the artist is saying, here you go! Her music is a mix of RnB, hip-hop and jazz. My favorite song and current ringtone is “OVERZONE” from her CLAASSIC album.


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Where do I begin?! I am a huge fan of DPR LIVE, and I saw him live this time last year in Atlanta. Just like DEAN, he was a guest artist on Colors, and he performed his song “Text Me.” DPR has released 2 albums and I often cannot decide which one I like better. Along with his beautiful songs, DPR LIVE has a unique style of music videos. Any of his songs are a good choice, but my favorite song is “Cheese and Wine.” The song is very lively, and the music video has amazing visual effects.

4. Jay Park

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Whether you like hip-hop, K-pop, RnB or rap, you need to know who Jay Park is. Jay Park has done all of the genres I mentioned. If you like all of these he’s the one for you! Another bonus, he’s bilingual as well! He owns not one, but two music labels, AOMG and H1GHR MUSIC. One is in Korea and the other is in the US. He also signed on with Roc Nation owned by Jay Z. My favorite songs by him are “Turn Off Your Phone” and “Replay.”

5. Crush

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No, not the soda, Crush the singer! Yes, I have made that joke multiple times, but in all seriousness, you should listen to him. Crush mainly sings in Korean but can speak English. He was also another featured artist on Colors. Colors has good taste in Korean RnB artists because they know my Spotify playlist so well! Crush is a well-known name in Korean RnB. He is often known for his ballads and songs for television show soundtracks.

6. PLT

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PLT stands for Planetarium and consists of individual projects from each artist. There are 6 artists in the group: June, Moti, Jung Jinwoo, Gaho, Villain and Kei. G. All the artists are incredibly talented, but my favorite artists are June and Villain. Villain does a mix of hip-hop and RnB in his song “Manitto.” My favorite song by June is “Serenade” because it is a soft, sweet RnB song that puts me in a happy mood.

7. Wheein

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Wheein is a current member of the girl group, Mamamoo. Mamamoo is known for its powerful and difficult vocals. Wheein is the member that can sing very high and often does RnB solos. Her song “Easy” is a fun mix between pop and RnB.

8. Jun. K

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Jun. K is from the K-pop group 2PM. This was the group that got me to start listening to K-pop more! He is still a part of the group, but he does his own activities and solo albums. He has a very powerful and smooth voice that is perfect for RnB. My favorite song by him is “Moving Day.” This song is very calming, and it talks about a couple that is no longer living together.

9. Millic

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Millic is a music producer from Los Angles. While he does not sing in any of his songs, his use of calm, relaxing melodies is a common signature. Millic produces songs in English and Korean. His album Vida has the title track “Paradise,” which is performed by DEAN, Crush, Zico and more. In the music video, we see all the artists and it is one of my favorite Korean RnB videos.

10. Yun B.

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Yun B is a rapper, but he does RnB as well. He is originally from New York, but he speaks fluent Korean and English. His song “Yellow Cab” is mainly written in English with a few lines in Korean. When I first heard this song, it instantly went on my Sleep and RnB playlists on Spotify.

These are just a few of my favorite songs and artists. If you are a fan of RnB, I am sure you will like these songs too! If you want, you can discover more artists by clicking on the suggested artists' sections on Spotify or YouTube. That is how I discovered most of these artists.

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