More Than Meets the Eye: Mission San Luis

White cement walls stretch around the property, a massive wooden door held open six days a week, and a winding path up to two more decorated wooden doors sit tucked away on the west end of Tennessee street. These are all familiar sights for those leaving the Ocala Corners Publix, but for those who have never been, these sights are only the beginning.

Mission San Luis is a living museum and archeological sight; it is a village of Apalachee Native Americans and a Spanish mission settlement established over 400 years ago. Beyond the gates is the visitor center, an introduction to the area where you can get information about the museum, dates for upcoming events (they do archery every second and third Saturday of the month), and books and other gifts from their store, El Mercado. Two double doors at the opposite end lead you to an enormous area including a fort, council house, and blacksmith shop that will make you feel like you are back in 1703.