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The Monoliths That Have Bewildered the World

There is a mystery going on not just in the United States, but across the world! On Nov. 18, a metal structure appeared in the desert in Utah. Dubbed the Utah monolith, it has garnered attention worldwide. It was a large metal column placed in a remote section of the Utah desert. No one is sure who put it there or for what reason. To add to the mystery, it suddenly disappeared on Nov. 27. It was later revealed that it was removed by four men when one of the men, Andy L. Lewis, claimed responsibility. This came after the sheriff’s office announced they would not be investigating the disappearance. Lewis explained that the monolith was destroying the land.

Many tourists traveled to see it, with one group even traveling 15 hours. In the eyes of the men, the curious onlookers were causing destruction. The men mourned the untouched soil and area around the metal monolith that was destroyed. Consequently, they removed it in the hopes that people would stop going to the previously remote section of the desert. The Land Bureau of Investigation may continue the search to find who put the monolith in the desert.

Ivana Cajina
Ivana Cajina / Unsplash

The bewilderment of the public has only grown as another metal monolith has appeared on a hillside in Romania. The monolith was found on the same day that its sister monolith in Utah disappeared, Nov. 27. Piatra Neamt, the city where the monolith appeared, has now garnered the world’s attention. The mayor of Piatra Neamt made a statement calling for the residents not to panic. The mayor theorized that teenagers around the world must be playing tricks and planting monoliths in different places. The mayor also denied the conclusion of aliens that many internet users have come to.

The structure is described as four meters tall with markings that seem to be looping in white. In contrast to the group of men in Utah, the mayor has described his hopes that the monolith will increase tourism and show the world just how special Piatra Neamt is. The mystery continued as another monolith appeared in Atascadero, California on Dec. 2. The structure was described as three meters tall. This monolith was vastly different, and many speculated it was a copycat of the Utah monolith and described it as flimsier. However, the monolith had already disappeared by Dec. 3.

As to who might have installed the various monoliths, there are limited theories. At first, it was suspected that John McCracken, an artist who died in 2011, may have somehow been connected. McCracken often made metal structures similar to the monolith. However, David Zwirner, a representative of his estate, inspected it and did not believe it was McCracken’s work. Others theorize that it is the work of aliens and others think they are just pranks. Some theorize that it could be a tribute to the novel and film 2001: Space Odyssey. Many of the questions remain as the world continues to wait for more developments.

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Graciela is a senior at FSU currently majoring in behavioral neuroscience. She is striving to become a forensic pathologist after completing medical school in the future. She loves to read and watch movies in her free time!
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