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Miss Smiley Miley Is Staying Bright Minded – and So Should We!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

B: Blessing and Curse of Social Media

R: Reliable Sources

I: Immune Boosters

G: Get Active

H: Healthy Activity

T: Thought and Attention Determine How You Feel

M: Memories

I: Inflammation

N: Negative Thoughts

D: Dedicate

S: Share

And this is how Miley Cyrus came to name her new Instagram talk show, “Bright Minded.” With the first few episodes of her new show, she goes through these topics with her guests. These guests consist of the following: Ellen DeGeneres, Rickey Thompson, Emily Osment, Reese Witherspoon, Hillary Duff, BEBE Rexa, Dua Lipa, her personal family members and so many more! Every aspect gets viewers in the best possible mood. Not to mention the intro that she made for this as well!

Miley prefaces the series with an episode with a medical professional, Dr. Daniel Amen. In this episode, the two go through each and every topic listed above to start generally educating the public on “how to stay LIT during dark times.” They discuss the importance of getting in the sun, exercising and eating clean foods all to boost your white blood cell count. While they talk, Miley uses some of her personal experiences with being stuck at home while finding new quarantine activities.


It’s no secret that Miley must have some serious pull due to the fact that we see some of the biggest named actors, actresses and social media stars joining on her Live talk show. From Demi Lovato to Lauren and Cameron from the hit Netflix series “Love Is Blind,” you can definitely find a sense of relief about everything while watching this. While talking to Amy Schumer, Miley mentioned limiting the time you spend watching the news; which is important under the categories of healthy activity, saying that all your thoughts and attention determine how you feel as well as negative thoughts. 

On the lighter side, Miley is able to talk about events, topics and much more with each guest not relating to the craziness going on in the world today. She was able to break down what dating in pods is like with the down-to-earth Hamilton couple while also being able to relate it back to our day to day lives nowadays. Before she connected live with Lauren and Cameron, she pulled viewers in saying that she was planning on getting the tea about the show in general. That’s exactly what I was hoping she would say!

She then brings in Antoni from another Netflix hit series “Queer Eye” to teach viewers how to make the most of the food that they have to possibly help us from anxiously wiping out grocery stores. He even mentions his own new IGTV series called Quar Eye.

As time goes on, Miley gets us more and more excited about who we will see on her show in the upcoming weeks. Tune in Monday thru Friday on her Instagram Live, or wait to watch on YouTube or her IGTV!

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