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Midnight Munchies: Where To Get Food in Tally After Leaving the Club

You stumble out of one of Tally’s dark and grimy clubs and you only have one thing in mind: food. But where to go? You know the line at Taco Bell is going to be out the door and any pizza delivery at midnight is going to take days to get to you. I’ve compiled a list of places open late enough to satisfy your drunk asses at midnight.

1. Bird’s Aphrodisiac Oyster Shack

We’ve all driven past this place and mocked its unkindly appearance, but when you’re drunk, food is food. They’re open until 2 am and close enough to campus that the Uber rides won’t kill your wallet. And their cheese fries are rumored to be fantastic, both sober and drunk.

Courtesy: Yelp


2. Gaines Street Pies

Pizza is one of the go-to drunk cravings and Gaines Street Pies will hit the spot. We seem to forget about these giant slices of pizza for super cheap. And they’re open until 1 am!

Courtesy: Gaines Street Pies


3. Doughlicious

Alternative to pizza: calzones. This place is open until 3 am and right next to FSU campus.

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Have we forgotten that breakfast food is ALWAYS the way to go? Pancakes drenched and syrup with some crispy bacon are perfect after a night out. They’re open 24 hours for those partiers that don’t leave the club until the lights come on!

Courtesy: IHOP


5. The Crepevine Tallahassee

This place is perfect if you’re in search of something sweet and your friend wants something salty. They serve both and they’re open until 2:30 am!

Courtesy: Yelp


6. Chubby’s Chicken Fingers & More

Wings. That’s all I have to say. Oh, and they’re open until 4 am.

Courtesy: Yelp


7. Checkers

We always forget about the classics! Checkers is right next to campus and conveniently open until 5 am! This place is essential for those who don’t want to wait in the ridiculous lines at McDonald’s or Guthries for their burger and fries.

Courtesy: Checkers


8. Pita Pit

This place is actually open until 4 am! The lines won’t be terrible because who immediately thinks ‘PITA’ when they’re trashed? But it doesn’t sound that bad!

Courtesy: Pita Pit


9. Sumosabi

Sushi while plastered? Yes. Sushi until 3 am? Yes.

Courtesy: Yelp


10. Insomnia Cookies

Sometimes we don’t want a full meal when we’re drunk so Insomnia Cookies is perfect for a little treat. They’re open until 3 am and absolutely delicious.

Courtesy: Yelp


No more complaining about lines and restaurants not being open late enough. Keep this list handy when you and your friends are looking for some midnight munchies.

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