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Melissa Gibson: Aspiring Psychologist

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Name: Melissa Gibson

Hometown: Tallahassee – I’ve been here my whole life. I loved the city too much to leave!

Year: Senior

Major: Psychology

Minor: Child Development

Relationship Status: Taken

Her Campus (HC): What do you plan on doing after graduation?

Melissa Gibson (MG): My long-term goal is to pursue a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. It’s an extremely competitive program to get into so I’m taking a year or two off to try and gain more research experience. Right now I want to try to get a position as a research assistant in a lab at a university or a research institution after I graduate, and hopefully that will increase my chances of getting accepted into a program somewhere.

HC: What is your relationship status?

MG: I’m currently in a relationship. His name is Cameron and we’ve been dating almost three years. We met in Kellum Hall when we were freshmen and we’ve been together ever since.

HC: What’s your favorite date you have had with him so far?

MG: My favorite date wasn’t really anything out of the ordinary, but it felt really special to me. It was a few weeks ago and we were just hanging out at home on a Sunday afternoon, and I asked him if he wanted to go get sushi. So we went to Kiku and we had a nice dinner and I realized that day was completely perfect. We didn’t do anything special or different but I really enjoyed myself. We talked and we laughed and just spent the whole day enjoying each other’s company, and I was perfectly happy doing just that. So it might sound a little cheesy, but my favorite date was that dinner because that was a moment when I knew I was completely happy with who I was with and where I was at.

HC: If you could have lunch with anyone in the world from any time, who would you have lunch with and what would you talk about?

MG: I would have lunch with Maya Angelou if she were still alive. I first learned about her in an English class in high school where we discussed her poems and read about her life. I think it’s beautiful that her legacy of promoting civil rights, feminism, education, and love has been cemented in modern history. I would ask her about how other people can learn to appreciate the beauty in life like she has.

HC: If you could add anything to the FSU community or campus, what would it be and why?

MG: I would add more professors. I feel like having 1200-person lectures isn’t adding anything beneficial to a person’s education and I wish we could have more personal relationships with faculty members.

HC: Anything else you would like to add?

MG: One thing I would like to add would be that more students should look into opportunities to enhance their education on campus like professional fraternities or other educational campus organizations. We have so many wonderful opportunities for undergraduates like honors in the major or the undergraduate research opportunity program that many universities don’t have, and more students at FSU should take advantage of these programs.

Cassi is a junior at Florida State University. As an Environmental Studies major, Cassi likes outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, and going to parks. She is part of a community Service Fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega, which has brought her to some very unique and exciting experiences around Tallahassee. From washing dogs to preparing food for the elderly, Cassi loves to help the community out any way that she can. In her free time, Cassi likes to paint, read, take bubble baths, wreck her boyfriend at chess, beat the high score to Mrs. Pac Man at Voodoo Dog, play with her hamsters, or attend concerts. As always, this Seminole bleeds Garnet and Gold! 
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