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Meet Vine Celeb: Gabriel Conte

Name: Gabriel Conte

Age: 20

Hometown: Fort Lauderdale

Major: Acting

Relationship Status: Single

Boasting over 943,000 followers on Vine, 91,000 on Instagram, and 25,800 on Twitter, Gabriel’s number of fans continues to grow every time you refresh the page. Gabriel has even extended his network to Snapchat and Youtube. Through YouTube videos he’s begun opening up to his fans on a more personal level. He’s constantly updating his Snapchat, where over 50,000 followers view his story. He explained that the best way to connect with his fans is to make them a part of his life through social media. Follow him @thegabrielconte on all your favorite social media outlets for a good laugh. If you see him on campus, you might want to snap a selfie with him while you can, this kid is going places.

Her Campus (HC): What was your first Vine like?

Gabriel Conte (GC): Oh wow, I don’t even remember my first Vine. Generally, the first ones were really weird, just being stupid and seeing what would happen.

HC: How do you get your ideas for Vines, YouTube videos, etc.?

GC: Honestly, a lot of them are from music and things that happen in real life.

HC: What sparked your passion for theatre, acting, Vine, etc.?

GC: I started theatre in middle school because of my brother. I thought I would give it a shot and I ended up loving it. I would always make silly videos with my friends when I was younger and when Vine came out I started making Vines and people started watching and enjoying them.

HC: How do you balance school and maintaining social media?

GC: Oh gosh, it’s really hard. Social media takes up a lot of my time. Especially making YouTube videos. Making videos on the regular is a pain in the butt. Pretty much any time I’m not in school, I’m doing social media.

HC: What’s your favorite fan experience?

GC: One time I was running through the crowd at an event and one of the girls just grabbed my butt really hard. I still don’t know who it was because I looked back and it was just a sea of fans.

HC: What brought you to FSU?

GC: The acting program.

HC: What’s your favorite thing about Florida State?

GC: The college spirit. I guess like the feeling when you’re at a football game.

HC: Where’s your favorite place to eat in Tallahassee?

GC: The Sweet Shop is pretty popping.

HC: What’s a fun fact about you/ something that most people don’t know?

GC: I’m not that interesting! I don’t know. I’m a Christian, but most people know that because I’m very open with it.

HC: Career goals?

GC: To become a working actor and entertainer.

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