Meet Shelby Nichols & Cara Lynch: The Faces of PINK at Florida State

My time at Florida State University has created a world of opportunity. This school year, I decided to kick the involvement up a notch by joining more groups and organizations. Aside from joining the fabulous team here at Her Campus, I have also been given the opportunity to join the PINK campus team. As a team member, I have assisted in hosting events and spreading content throughout campus that empowers women. I have come to realize that the power behind this team comes from our fearless leaders, Shelby Nichols and Cara Lynch.

Shelby and Cara not only lead the campus team, but they are the direct line between PINK and Florida State. As ambassadors, Cara and Shelby are responsible for setting up events around campus and connecting women at Florida State to the PINK brand and their mission to promote girl power. When asked about her experience as a PINK campus ambassador, Shelby said “My experience as a PINK Campus Representative has been nothing short of amazing. I have met so many inspiring women who strive for success and it is so encouraging to be surrounded by such strong women. I think one of the best parts about being a Campus Rep is having the ability to network with business professionals and gain insight into the marketing mix of a Fortune 500 company like L Brands! PINK’s Campus Rep program has built upon my confidence in myself and my abilities and has given me inspiration for my future endeavors.”

As a team member, it’s easy to see Cara and Shelby use their platforms to create an environment where people feel welcome and want to become a part of their movement as a brand. What’s even more remarkable about these girls is their dedication and passion for empowerment in general. Aside from being the campus ambassadors for PINK, they are involved in other campus organizations. Shelby is a Dance Marathon participant and a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma, while Cara is a proud sister at Alpha Delta Pi here at Florida State. 

Shelby and Cara claim that when it comes to getting involved, “Don’t be afraid to try something new! It can be scary to apply for something or get involved with something you aren’t familiar with, but college is the time to meet new people so don’t hesitate to put yourself out there. It will be a great learning experience and may lead you to something you never thought you could do.”

In my conversation with Shelby and Cara, I thought it was interesting to learn how they use their time as Campus Reps to prepare for future endeavors and career goals. I grew to learn they associate their ambassador experience as a way to grow as leaders, meeting deadlines, and developing efficient communication skills. With their substantial career aspirations, it’s no doubt Shelby and Cara will have no problem using their platform and positions as reps to practice and grow these skills.

Being under the leadership of Cara and Shelby has been an amazing opportunity. They make it look seamless to engage and connect with people while making a lasting impression. In my time as a PINK campus team member, it is easy to see why Shelby and Cara were selected as our representatives, as they demonstrate what it means to utilize a position of leadership and authority to empower others. They are inspiring women to find and pursue their passions and embrace their individuality while doing it themselves in a notable way.

You can follow along Shelby and Cara’s journey with PINK @vspinkfsu, and be on the lookout for upcoming PINK events here at FSU!

All images courtesy of Shelby Nichols.

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