Meet Sam Nygaard: A Ray of PINK Sunshine on Campus

Year: Junior          

Major: Dual Degree in Psychology and Media/Communication Studies

Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida

Organizations involved with on campus: Resident Assistant (RA), Social Media Coordinator for Sustainable Campus, Campus Rep for Victoria’s Secret PINK, Vice President of Records for National Residents Hall Honorary (NRHH), and Homecoming Council

When it comes to future goals in life, Samantha (Sam) Nygaard, is concerned about being happy. Sam is one example we can all observe of how we should not be afraid to be sure on our career choice. When she first came to FSU, Sam was a Biochemistry student. She was taking all of these science classes, yet she really enjoyed event planning and leadership roles. She decided to stop doing what she thought was the right choice and to start doing what she loved instead. I had the pleasure of interviewing Sam, who is one of the new Victoria’s Secret PINK Representatives this year. She is the perfect Collegiette role model for girls who want to have fun in a career where they can help make a positive difference.

Her Campus (HC): So I hear you are one of the new PINK Representatives on campus for Victoria’s Secret PINK. How were you picked?

Sam Nygaard (SN): On Facebook they were looking for new reps. I love trying to have new experiences on my résumé to make me a better-rounded candidate for jobs. I did it for interview experience in the marketing field. I sent my résumé, and the next thing I knew I got an email from corporate to be interviewed. I had my interview, and by December I got the position. It was pretty exciting that my résumé could get me such a position on our campus.

HC: So how does it feel to be a PINK Rep? Has anything fun and interesting happened so far?

SN: VS brand training in Columbus, Ohio happened. That was the most girly three days of my life. So much pink and glitter! We all smelled so good in PINK perfume! I learned so much about the brand and I came to love their marketing strategy to make girls feel included yet exclusive at the same time. This experience is opening my world to something I never really considered doing, trying to build a brand.

HC: What are your goals as PINK Rep this year?

SN: I want the events to be creative and unique. I want to represent the fun, flirty brand that is VS PINK. I want to attract the entire female population to this company. I want others to participate in events and help make the brand more diverse.

HC: What is it like being a Resident Assistant (RA)? How long have you been one, and which hall do you assist?

SN: This is my second year as an RA. My first year I was in Jennie Murphree Hall and now I am in McCollum Hall. I am one of the first RA’s to be assigned to this hall. They wanted to help the campus community. Being an RA is my outlet to be creative; it’s my chance to be very into Pinterest and talk to people. My job is to knock on their doors and see how their day is going. It’s good to see how I can help others, because having a support system where you live is very important.

HC: Would you define yourself as a leader? Is your goal to be a leader to others?

SN: I feel like I am a leader but I feel more like a role model. I’m a big sister in real life, so it’s important to have a positive influence. Being a role model shows how your values are aligned. I want to apply that to all the organizations and work I am involved in. Being a role model helps me develop into an authentic person. It’s important to be true to yourself.

HC: What is your goal in life and what would be your ultimate dream job after graduation?

SN: Do we really know in college? Elements that include my dream job: they have to value leadership, creativity, sustainability, and environment. We have to take care of our environment. [Otherwise] I can’t work with them ethically. I have always seen myself working non-profit organizations, or for somewhere that has a motive for the better good of society. Even PINK, a company that isn’t non-profit, has that motive. This has opened my eyes to multiple possibilities in my future. At the end of the day, I want to work for a happy company. Don’t we all just want to be happy?

HC: How do you think you have grown from the first time you walked into FSU to now?

SN: When I came to FSU I was a Biochemistry major. Yet when I was in in high school, I had leadership roles and only did event planning. It didn’t make sense. Hall Government is where I found my place. I was an Eco-Rep on the executive board. I loved planning events and programs for our resident’s hall. I also had discussions about energy saving, food saving, [and] the environment. I fell in love with promoting such a positive change on campus and in the world.

HC: Being so involved with campus, what advice would you give to underclassmen?

SN: I had a total change in career paths. Be open-minded and follow what you are good at and what you love to do. You are going to be doing it for the rest of your life! Luckily, I found that out already. It’s college, you have time to get involved and have fun. Go to the career center and edit your résumé! Shape it and make it ideal for what you want to do.

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