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Meet Logan Beckman: Jack Of All Trades

Name: Logan Beckman

Age: 20

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Temple Terrace, FL

Major: International Affairs

Her Campus (HC): So Logan, can you tell me a little bit about your involvement at FSU?

Logan Beckman (LB): I like to think I am a pretty active person. I like to workout, swim, and surf. I play the guitar and ukulele. I am a part of the Pi Kappa Psi soccer team, captain of the swim team, and a member of the tennis team (all fraternity champs)!

HC: When you aren’t playing every IM sport FSU has to offer what do you do with your time?

LB: I work at Hotel Duval, I was a “Bro Gamma” for fraternity house preview, I was an IFC representative for my fraternity, and I am part of the Catholic Student Union. I am also a lifeguard and I teach kids how to swim. I also volunteer with the Special Olympics and Hospice.

HC: What is your relationship status?

LB: Single.

HC: What is the quality you are most attracted to in a woman?

LB: I think the most attractive thing about a woman physically is her smile. I like to make people laugh and smile so if a woman has a bad smile, she's out. Other than that, the ability to hold a conversation and keep me engaged is another attractive quality (and of course a good sense of humor).

HC: What do you hope to do with your major after you graduate?

LB: Honestly, I don't really know yet. I just switched my major from Biology, but I'd like to travel the world, see new things, and meet new people.

HC: Have you ever been told that you have a celebrity look-a-like? If so, who?

LB: I've been told I look like a lot of people, but I never see it. Most recently I was told I look like Owen Wilson minus the messed up nose, but again I don't see it haha.

HC: What has been your best experience as a Seminole so far?

LB: My favorite experience as a Seminole would definitely be winning the National Championship. After we won it was just so chaotic and I loved every minute of it. I hugged a couple hundred people I've never met in my life, we started fires in the middle of the streets, and most importantly, we asserted our dominance as the best school in the nation.

HC: What is something most people don’t know about you?

LB: This is a tough one. Most people don't know that I'm a pretty good singer. I'm pretty nervous about singing in front of other people, but I get a lot of practice in during showers.

HC: What is one piece of advice you have for those just starting their college experience?

LB: If I could give any advice I would say do not be afraid to fail. College is all about creating new experiences and from time to time, you're not going to succeed. It's all about what you do to overcome failure that makes your college experience unique and fun. Also, don't let relationships get in the way of trying new things and experiencing college the way it’s supposed to be experienced.

Third year Editing/Writing/Media & International Affairs Major.FSU Campus Correspondent Reader, Runner, Coffee lover."Everyones life ends the same way. It is only the details of how one lived and how one died that distinguish one man from another." ~Hemingway 
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