Meet Lexi: New Dance Captain for Category 5 Hurricane Dance Troupe

I recently sat down with Lexi McCoy, the new official dance captain of the Category 5 (C5) dance troupe of the Caribbean Student Association. The dance team focuses on Caribbean and Hip-Hop style dancing where each member can find solace and freedom in expressing themselves and celebrating their culture through dance. Lexi opened up about her love of dancing, where her passion began, and why she aspired to become captain. 


HC: What sparked your love of dancing?


Lexi: I have a love of music. I’m able to visualize it well. I like listening to different genres and hearing the different emotions, vibes and stories that music tells. I started dancing when I was little because it was fun, but growing up in a predominantly white neighborhood made dance company life hard because you don’t see people like you doing the same things. So, I had not danced since fourth grade. I joined C5 to make friends, and I was worried about doing it because I had not done it in so long. Deciding to take the chance in going back to dance and seeing how many girls loved to dance, especially those that looked like me, I realized how empowering and confidence building dance really is. It’s the imagery that I see in music.


HC: In your own words, what would you define as a leader, and what do you think are the most important qualities to have as one?


Lexi: A leader is someone that respects the goal they’re setting out for and someone who respects the people they need to get there. They also find a way to respect and empower themselves throughout the process. It’s important to be confident, flexible, empathetic, responsible and driven.


HC: What aspired you to become dance captain?


Lexi: My team is very important to me. We all have a great vibe and are supportive of one another. I didn’t want that to change because of a change in power. I wanted to defend that love and support within the team.

Courtesy: Lexi McCoy



HC: How does dance influence your daily life?


Lexi: Honestly, I daydream about dance and visualize dancers and choreography. It’s a creative outlet for me. I’m currently on a pre-med track, so this is a great way to utilize and express my artistic side.


HC: Why do you like this style of dancing?


Lexi: It’s out of my comfort zone. It’s vibrant, energetic, sexy and powerful. It connects a bunch of different people from different places. Overall it’s a lot of fun.


HC: Why do you find dancing is a good way of expressing yourself?


Lexi: A lot of times with art, it’s in your mind before it makes it out onto a piece of paper or canvas. With dance, it’s immediate mind to body. You can’t separate a dancer from their art. It’s the ultimate artistic expression.


HC: What advice do you have for those who aspire to dance or become captains or choreographers?


Lexi: Don’t get caught up in the politics or social aspect of dancing. Dance to the music you want and dance in the way you want. The right people will respond. Always surround yourself with people that are going to challenge you so that you improve. If there’s something you’re passionate about, do not let fear prohibit you from pursuing the thing that might make you great. You are capable of all things, and you are going to go as far as you’re willing to fight for. Don’t be afraid to be a leader.