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Meet Diyanté, A Student Photographer at FSU

Photography is a beautiful craft that allows people to capture moments. It has become a huge part of how people stay connected with each other through social media and serves as wonderful mementos. Diyanté, a student at FSU, is passionate about this form of art, so much so that he started up his own business. When asked about his passion for photography, he says, “Once I became historian for CSA, people really liked my pictures and I wanted to keep doing it, so I got serious with it.” Recognizing his strong zeal for photography, over Thanksgiving break he felt a push to start his own business. Dabbling in this craft outside of just school-related activities allowed him to focus on something that would benefit his future. Utilizing his talent to aid in the construction of his overall brand.

When looking for a setting to take pictures, Diyanté says, “I love nature. I can work in a studio, but I love flowers. Especially in Florida with the bright sun; I feel like nature brings out clothing and scenery. If you have nice scenery it makes everything better. Colorful things such as graffiti, and other art are the main things I look for.” Some things he wishes he would have known prior to starting your own business is how to build his clientele. “When you look at other photographers, they have frequent customers but it’s hard for me” also, “I wish I would’ve known how to edit because it makes such a difference. You’re able to put your touch on the picture. Knowing more about the camera would have helped too because there are so many features to it; I feel like I wasted several months just taking pictures without getting the full effect of my camera. When you have a business, you got to be the best of the best, but at the same time you also have to start somewhere.”

Through this journey, he has educated himself through constructive criticism and hard work on how to take better pictures. He also relies on his friends, who are also photographers, for feedback. They supply him with critiques and he goes and fixes them. “I like receiving opinions because it brings out [the] best in me. Constructive criticism makes me a better photographer.” He provided some tips for people who are thinking of adopting photography as a new hobby or who want to start their own business. He says, “It will start off slow, but put in hard work and it will get better. Don’t get discouraged, work on your craft, ask questions, and always get feedback and opinions from others because just your eye isn’t good enough; others will see what you don’t. Have friends and people that support you around you. Do it to the best of your ability, but also have fun with it.”

Diyanté hopes to gain many benefits from photography. Although this craft still feels new to him, he believes that it’s a cool skill to have that you can work with. “As long as you continue to work on your craft, people will stay following you and will keep you on your feet. Learning about the art of the camera: editing, composure, contrast, saturation; there’s more I want to gain from it.” Diyanté’s leap of faith is a prime example of why it’s important to follow your passions, even if you feel like there’s so much to still learn about it. It’s never too early or too late to go after what you want, so long as you put the work in to accomplish your goals.

Courtesy: Diyanté

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