Meet Dan Schaefer: An Involved and Helpful Campus Celeb

Name: Dan Schaefer

Year: Junior

Major: Double Major - Psychology & Biology

Hometown: Orlando, Florida

Her Campus (HC): So Dan, what are you involved with on campus?

Daniel Schaefer (DS): I’m a receptionist at Wildwood Hall and the chair for Alpha Phi Omega. I’m also a member of Alpha Epsilon Delta and the Honor Student Association. I worked orientation over the past summer, which was great. I loved seeing all the fresh new faces coming into Tallahassee, and sharing information about the school; it was very fulfilling.

HC: What’s it like to be a receptionist?

DS: It’s really fun! I enjoy being with freshman that don’t really know what the college experience is yet and helping them out if they have any questions regarding classes or anything.

HC: Describe your future!

DS: I want to be a doctor, a neurologist specifically, because I enjoy trying to understand the brain. I think it’s fascinating.

HC: What are your plans for Halloween?

DS: I’m going to wear a cow costume with a scary mask and a cape and figure things out from there.

HC: Speaking of Halloween what are you afraid of?

DS: Accidentally smelling spoiled milk. Ew.

HC: Do you have any hobbies?

DS: I love to cook and clean! Mama didn’t raise no fool! I love riding my bicycle. I actually got hit by a car last week, so I feel really inclined to start an organization for biker rights. I actually got a concussion and sprained my back.  Don’t forget you can’t be in the green box, people!

HC: What are you watching on Netflix?

DS: I don’t really have much time for Netflix but I do watch The League occasionally.

HC: Any special talents?

DS: I can play the drums and I run! I just ran a 5K!

HC: What’s your favorite song?

DS: “Anaconda” by Nicki Minaj.

HC: What are three words that describe you?

DS: Basic, Breezy, Bundle-of-Joy. * Wink *