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Meet Caribbean Student Association President: Molly Lavaud

Introducing Molly Lavaud, a Pre-Med major whose ambitious goals and great work ethic translate into everything that she does; in particular, her role as President of the Caribbean Student Association (CSA). I was able to sit down with her and listen to what she had to say about leadership and time management. Starting with her motivation to become President of CSA, Molly said that it was the organization she was most involved in on campus and was the first organization she joined when she first arrived at FSU. She touchingly says, “I wanted to give back to the people what CSA gave to me.”

Through joining CSA, Molly came to know many of her college friends—now her roommates and role models. She was able to meet people who shared similar goals because they were embarking on a similar career path, and along the way gained her support system. Molly expressed that being a part of this organization has truly shaped a significant part of her college experience.

Now, although she has experienced many blessings throughout these past three years, Molly recognizes that facing and overcoming challenges is a part of life. She disclosed that her biggest challenge so far, not only with becoming President but with college as a whole, was that because of her independent nature, she had a hard time delegating tasks to people. This made things harder for not only her but for her executive board as well who felt like she wasn’t able to trust them. Molly said that she really had to work hard at assigning tasks and teamwork because she was so used to doing things herself. Through self-reflection and determination, Molly has been able to move past those challenges and has already witnessed the accomplishments that come along with it because CSA reached 200 members within a month this fall semester! Her organization usually doesn’t hit that until spring. Molly works hard to ensure that CSA is a comfortable refuge away from the stresses of school for students, cultivating an enriched community where Caribbean students can come together and celebrate their culture and the various countries that embody it.

Looking forward to the future, Molly is focused on keeping her GPA high so that way she can get into medical school while on her path to becoming a doctor. The key to her success: having a trustworthy support system. With family and friends constantly encouraging her to keep working hard towards her goals, Molly does her best each day to remain positive in the face of adversity. Through various self-care practices, “even crying,” she laughed, Molly tries to maintain a balance in her life. She allows herself to still have fun with friends and enjoy life while still taking care of her responsibilities and prioritizing.

Through her time with CSA, our President has had a lot to take away—the biggest lessons being patience, trusting others, being slow to anger, networking and leadership. She suggests to anyone looking to apply for leadership positions on campus to talk to people that have had the position you’re interested in before and see if you can handle it. Really evaluate your time and think about the other people applying; see if you could work with them. Don’t join anything just for a resume builder because you’ll regret it later. And don’t feel that the organization you’re looking at has to be about your major, it should motivate you and propel you forward. Above all, she urges students to do something they love, just as she is through her academics and CSA.

All photos courtesy of Molly Lavaud.

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