Meet Campus Cutie: Kirsten Hilborn

Name: Kirsten Hilborn

Year: Senior

Age: 21

Relationship status: Happily Taken

Major: History


Her Campus (HC): Why did you decide to major in History?

Kirsten Hilborn (KH): I decided to follow the “do what you love” path, although, it took me a few major changes to figure that out. I love that history allows for me to connect with people of the past. History also requires a lot of reading, writing and analyzing, which are all things I enjoy doing.


HC: What do you plan on doing with your degree?

KH: I would love to work in a museum to develop programs and exhibits. Being able to inspire people to learn outside of the world of academia would be incredible.


HC: Have you had any fun internships in your field of study? If so, what was it like?

KH: My favorite internship was when I was an Early Childhood Intern at the Orlando Science Center. I was able to design programs teaching children basic science. I also coordinated volunteers and vendors during special events. Besides all the practical experience I gained, I was also able to spend time with the kids and see how they processed the world around them. When working with children, they end up inspiring you to be creative just as much as you inspire them to learn.


HC: What is your dream job?

KH: Eventually, I would love to work at a museum in Washington D.C. The number of visitors they receive would make work rewarding and exciting.


HC: What are some of your interests outside of school?

KH: I adore reading and recreational bike riding. I also devote a lot of time to listening to new music or learning about art history. I’m a nerd at heart—haha!


HC: What is one band or musician you think more people should know about?

KH: The Mountain Goats! One of my friends introduced me to them a year ago, and I have been in love ever since. They have about 400 songs, all with incredible lyrics. “Woke Up New” is one of my favorites.


HC: If you could only pick one word to describe you, what would it be?

KH: Sincere.


HC: What’s your favorite television show and why?

KH: I actually haven’t spent much time watching television recently. Last year I watched Firefly from start to finish in about a week though. I adored the variety of character personalities. I couldn’t help but fall in love with them.   


HC: What is your favorite meal and why?

KH: Macaroni and cheese, hands down (laughs). It’s so simple, but it’s hearty, too. Mac ‘n Cheese is the perfect comfort food.


HC: As a soon-to-be graduate, what advice do you have for incoming students?

KH: I think the most important thing I have learned from my time here is that you truly shouldn’t care what people think about you. We have all heard that a million times, but I didn’t take it to heart until my senior year and it has made a world of difference. If you would rather hang out in coffee shops or comic book shops just do it. It takes some practice being honest about what you want to do, but you will be so much happier in the end.