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Meet Alyssa Martinez: Inspirational Dance Marathon Leader

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Name: Alyssa Martinez

Age: 21

Hometown: Lakeland, FL

Year: Junior

Major: Elementary Education

Relationship Status: Single

Her Campus (HC): Well, let’s start off with the most basic question, Alyssa. What made you decide to come to Florida State University?

Alyssa Martinez (AM): It’s an incredible school. Both of my parents went to FSU, so I’ve always been a Seminole. We would come up for games all the time and I just fell in love with Tallahassee and this campus.

HC: I heard you’re a member of Alpha Gamma Delta, why did you choose to go Greek?

AM: I chose to go Greek because I wanted a way to get involved immediately at this large university, and going Greek seemed like a perfect way to do that!

HC: Do you hold any positions in Alpha Gamma Delta?

AM: Yes, I was previously the New Member Educator and I am now the Vice President Scholarship.

HC: Along with Alpha Gamma Delta, are there any other organizations you are involved in?

AM: Yes, I am involved in Dance Marathon at FSU, currently serving as the Technology Chair.

HC: What made you get involved in FSU’s Dance Marathon?

AM: Well, I had heard about it from older friends from high school who were a part of it, so I started doing some research in high school – yes I was “that girl.” [Laughs] I kept learning more and more about it and finally found out that the proceeds go to Shands Hospital, the local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, and our College of Medicine Pediatric Outreach program and I knew I had to get involved. Shands Hospital is a place I called my second home when I was younger.  My sister was born premature and Shands Hospital’s NICU kept her alive – so she’s my miracle. I knew becoming involved with Dance Marathon was a perfect way for me to give back to all of the doctors and nurses for all the support and care they shared with my family. I wanted to give back to those who had done so much for my family and me. Being a part of Dance Marathon means that I get to make miracles happen for other families like mine, and help give kids one more day to dream, one more day to smile and one more day to be a kid! Without Shands my sister wouldn’t be here, and Dance Marathon is how I say “thank you!”

HC: That’s very inspirational. What exactly is a Seminole Torch Bearer and how did you get involved?

AM: Seminole Torchbearers is an organization that includes current students and alumni from FSU who have been leaders in their community and on campus. Each fall semester, students are nominated to join this organization.

HC: Okay, now onto some quirky questions about yourself. Now that Valentine’s Day just passed, how did you spend it?

AM: Well I definitely spent it FTK (for the kids)! We had our first ever High School Dance Marathon in Tallahassee, so I went there for a few hours and witnessed some history and then caught up on all of my favorite crime shows, like NCIS!

HC: Which do you prefer: Outside or Indoors? Do you have a favorite place?

AM: It really depends on the season for me. During the fall I love the outdoors! My favorite place would definitely be Longboat Key. I’ve gone to the beach there every summer since I was little and it serves as a little piece of home for me.

HC: What’s your favorite hobby?

AM: My favorite would be to play golf. I don’t get to play as much as I would like in Tallahassee, though!

HC: What’s your favorite meal?

AM: My favorite meal…queso. I promise it’s a meal, but really any Mexican food I love!

HC: What’s your dream job?

AM: My dream job would be to teach in a foreign country. A main goal of mine is to teach children to read, but knowing I could inspire someone while visiting another country, that would be incredible!

HC: What is one place you’ve never been to but want to visit? Why?

AM: I’ve always wanted to go to Spain. My dad was originally from Cuba and then lived in Spain for a few years, so I want to go and visit. I also have some family there and I love the culture.

HC: What’s your average day like?

AM: My average day is filled with schoolwork and all things FTK. With less than 3 weeks to go, Dance Marathon is always on my mind and I am always doing something to prepare my team for the event.

HC: Do you have a special quote that you live by? Or a special person you look up to? Could you tell us why?

AM: A quote I try to live by is one my Dad has always said: “There are good days and character-building days, not good days and bad days.” It’s something that has stuck with me over the years and I try to live by it as best I can. I remind myself on the daily that each day there will be challenges but the challenges build character and make me a better person in the long run.

HC: Thank you for your time, Alyssa. It was lovely meeting you and we wish you all the luck with Dance Marathon! 

Anjelica MacGregor attends Florida State University as a Junior studying English: Editing, Writing & Media. She is a notable writer who loves writing about everyday life. When she is not writing about the latest trends, she can be found soaking in the sun or breaking a sweat at the local gym. 
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