Meet Allie Pepper: Curve Model and Up-and-Coming YouTuber

We all know the excitement and nerves that come with starting college. Among the many little things we all do to unwind, one of my personal favorite things to do is to watch any and all YouTube videos related to the experience, the people and the campus! When I was in this position just seven months ago, I stumbled upon the channel of Allie Pepper. I quickly learned that she wasn’t just a YouTuber and FSU student, she was also a curve model. It amazed me that any college student could be involved in so many different things she loved all at once, and I simply HAD to know more! I corresponded with Allie, a senior at FSU studying Exercise Physiology, to find out how she handles being a student while also going on casting calls AND managing a YouTube channel!

Her Campus (HC): How did you get into curve modeling? Did you always know that this was a world you wanted to be a part of?

Allie Pepper (AP): I have always loved the fashion industry ever since I was a young girl. I was drawn to the fast pace lifestyle and the beauty that is created within the industry. I always knew I wanted to pursue something in fashion – but I never really knew what. I was lucky enough that at 15 years old I was scouted and introduced to my agency that I am currently signed with!

HC: What’s your favorite part of being a curve model? Favorite projects?

AP: My absolute favorite part of being a curve model is getting to be in front of the camera. I feel so alive and so free when I get to shoot something. Making that connection with the photographer and making an image come to life is the greatest feeling ever. It’s a creative way that I love to express myself. My favorite projects are those shot in studios that have a creative edge to them. For some reason, being in a studio brings out my best self and I am able to perform to my best ability.

HC: Do you feel that you had any worries/hardships when getting into modeling? If so, how did you overcome them?

AP: I always had envisioned models as being these skinny, starved women. I mean, that’s what they were portrayed as when I was growing up. No women who looked like me were seen in magazines or in ads. I never thought I’d be able to call myself a model at the size that I am now. Before I met with my agency, I thought I had to lose a ton of weight. However, when I showed up to meet the President and VP of the agency, they told me I’d actually work more if I was bigger. It’s exciting that the fashion world is changing and is more open to different body types. I’m so excited to be a part of that change.

HC: How do you balance your modeling career and your academic life? Do you feel that there are any benefits to being both a student and someone employed in the modeling industry?

AP: It truly has NOT been easy. It’s been pretty tough to learn how to balance both school and having a modeling career. I’m the type of person that gives my all to everything that I do so it’s been hard for me to sometimes turn down castings/jobs because I have an exam and sometimes study a little less so I can do what I love. I’ve learned a lot about myself having to balance both. I’ve definitely learned what’s important to me and my time management skills have gotten a little better over the past few months (but there’s still room for improvement).

HC: You have your own YouTube channel along with being a model and a student. How did that come about and has it impacted your life in any way?

AP: Yes! I started my channel about two summers ago. What made me want to start it was the idea of documenting my life. I would watch YouTubers that were my age vlog, show their lives, and I was fascinated by it. Then it hit me one day that that’s exactly what I’d like to do as well. I’m honestly so excited to show my future children my vlogs and show them what I went through at their age. It’s impacted my life in ways I didn’t even realize it would prior to me starting. I’ve had the honor to work with some really amazing brands and through my YouTube channel, I had the opportunity to be the face of a brand who flew me out to Chicago to shoot a really empowering campaign last year!

HC: You’re graduating in the next few months. Where do you see your life taking you after FSU?

AP: Ahhh it’s so scary to think about! My degree is in Exercise Physiology and my original plan was to use that as the pre-med route. However, over the past year or so, I’ve realized that my passion really is with my modeling career and my YouTube channel. I am going to take a year off from my studies and really focus on those two aspects of my life. I don’t know 100% what the future holds, which is a little scary, but I do know my dream is to live in NYC and make it big there!

As a fellow plus sized gal, seeing Allie be so confident and bold in her pursuit of the things she loves has truly been inspiring. I will definitely be keeping up with her as she continues to grow her channel, her portfolio and her career! You can support this fellow boss lady by following her on Instagram @alliepepper and subscribe to her YouTube channel here!

All images courtesy of Allie Pepper.