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Meaghan Slater: Beauty Director and Girl Boss

Composed of over 100 pages, FSU’s very own fashion and lifestyle magazine Clutch showcases models wearing vibrant makeup, along with the latest fashion trends. When flipping through the pages of a magazine, we often forget about the people who work behind the scenes. FSU senior Meaghan Slater has helped guide the vision for the premier magazine’s makeup looks for multiple issues now.

Her Campus (HC): When did you start working for Clutch Magazine?

Meaghan Slater (MS): I started working with Clutch Magazine in the fall of 2019 as a beauty assistant. Then I was promoted in spring 2020 to Beauty Director and have held that title for fall 2020 and spring 2021! It has been amazing being the beauty director for three different issues.

HC: In your own words, how would you describe Clutch Magazine?

MS: Clutch Magazine is so much more than a magazine. It is a group of talented and creative individuals. We all vibe together so well and have really formed a great bond as a whole. The magazine is a collaborative effort, as we need each and every member to do their part. I am so proud of our last issues and I can’t wait for this issue to come together!

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HC: How has your passion for makeup gotten you job opportunities?

MS: Because I am so passionate about makeup, I have really only focused on jobs and internships in the beauty industry. My last job was at Wanderlust Salon and Spa as a front desk manager and I gained so much knowledge about hair care and hair health. I am currently interning at Kanvas Beauty in Tallahassee and am learning so much about the beauty industry. I plan on finding another internship for this upcoming summer in the beauty industry as well.

HC: What is your exact job position at Clutch and what are some of your job duties?

MS: My title is Beauty Director and I have a team of beauty assistants working under me. I am in charge of all things beauty at each and every shoot, as well as having complete control of the beauty shoot. I am in charge of the beauty shoot concept, finding a location, selecting the models and deciding on the hair and makeup looks. It is so much work, but I am very good at managing my team and each shoot comes out amazing! 

HC: When did you start wearing makeup and when did you realize it was something you are passionate about?

MS: Growing up, I have always been very creative. I would paint, draw and create using any medium. My love for makeup started in middle school when I realized that it was an art form itself. I would spend countless hours on YouTube and Pinterest, looking up makeup products and tutorials. I started out as a natural, as I was already very good at painting and now it was just on my face. People around me started noticing my skill and it just made me want to improve even more. Makeup is so much more than just a medium; it is a way for people of all ages, sizes, genders and races to express themselves with the looks they create. I love makeup because it is so inclusive and can be used by anyone. I am already an extremely confident person but I am even more confident when I know I just created a masterpiece on my face.

HC: What has your experience with working and leading such a big staff as a beauty director taught you?

MS: My time at Clutch has taught me so many things. I have always been good at managing myself but now I have learned to manage a team. I have learned how to be a good director and take everyone’s opinions and feelings into consideration when making final decisions. Working with a large group of people can be very intimidating but Clutch has welcomed me with open arms from the start. This position was a great learning experience for my future career and for that, I am so thankful.

HC: What is your major and do your plans after college involve the beauty industry?

MS: My major is retail entrepreneurship and I will be graduating this semester. I am planning on getting my Master’s in product development and then venturing off into the real world. My goal is to get a corporate level job in the beauty industry and work my way up for a few years to gain experience and then I would like to start my own cosmetic company!

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Emma loves to write but when she's not writing, you can usually find her at the gym. She is a Peer Navigator at FSU and also interns at FSU's College of Communication and Information.
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