McKamey Manor: America’s Most Intense Haunted House

Every Halloween, a new scary experience seems to come about, some more intense than others.  But, the McKamey Manor is an experience that you may want to think twice about. Originally located in San Diego, California, this bone-chilling haunted house is an adventure you can’t get anywhere else. Now located in Huntsville, Alabama and Nashville, Tennessee thousands of people are now on the waiting list to descend into a pit of their deepest, darkest fears.

The McKamey Manor takes your biggest fears and exploits them all in one night. Before the experience can even begin, participants have to sign an extensive waiver, including the ability to expose the participant to carbon monoxide, head injuries and the use of hypodermic needles. The question from the public is consistently, “how is this legal?” The monstrous scenarios that you encounter within the house is enough to traumatize you. But the trauma is not all for nothing. If one can finish the experience, they will earn $20,000. So far, no one has made it through the full haunted house. Is $20,000 worth all of the suffering and a lifetime of trauma?

Courtesy: Stefano Pollio

Before entering the house, participants must go through an extensive process to even begin the experience. The person must be 21 years or older or 18 years with a parent’s permission. They must also go through a sports physical and have been deemed mentally stable by a doctor. Along with this, one must sign a waiver that makes basically everything legal. The grotesque things include exposure to fluids in one’s mouth, various injuries, consenting to have teeth pulled out and or be fish hooked. The paperwork also states that there is technically no safe word and the actors may continue to torment you at their will.

Netflix has recently come out with a documentary on the hauntings called Haunters: The Art of the Scare. The film takes us into the nitty-gritty of the creation and execution of the McKamey Manor. The Netflix documentary features graphic clips of pure terror from groups of individuals. These things include being locked into coffins, being held underwater and contact with bugs. 

Courtesy: Jakob Owens

The haunting can last for up to 10 hours and is designed to bring you to the brink of death. For most, this experience is mentally disturbing and can scar someone for life. Although a petition rallying against the attraction has gathered over 50,000 signatures as of Tuesday evening, the police do not believe that this haunted house has taken its haunting to far, hence why it has yet to be shut down. The owner of McKamey Manor also films every haunt, that way if there is any legal action taken, they can provide documentation. Several YouTube videos show the haunting that reveals victims appearing to go into shock.

The most mind-boggling aspect of the house is that it’s all for charity. There is no admission charge for the McKamey Manor. The actors are not paid for their services and the operating expenses are paid for in-house. The admission for the house is simply a few cans of dog food that are donated to Operation Greyhound, a charity dedicated to placing retired racing greyhounds in loving homes. Who would have thought this whole house of terror is all for charity? 

If you think you’ve got what it takes, join the thousands and thousands of others that also have this notion...if you dare.

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